`Version 2.0 of EOSIO released by Block.one

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According to a recent press release, EOSIO developer Block.one has announced EOSIO version 2.0 open-source protocol release. EOSIO is a blockchain-based smart contract protocol that is used to host and develop decentralized applications (DApps). It uses a consensus model named delegated proof-of-stake.

The core of EOSIO 2.0 has several improvements to EOS VM, according to the announcement. This includes a high-performance WebAssembly engine specialized for blockchain applications, which makes way for more efficient use of system resources when processing smart contracts.

Block.one says that the updated EOS VM offers about 16x performance gain when compared to EOSIO 1.0. This will improve smart contract efficiency. Other developments include the adoption of WebAuthn authentication standards, which allows the use of a hardware device for authenticating and signing transactions in browsers without extensions or extra installed software for EOSIO applications.

This is expected to enhance security without users having to keep track of private keys or other account information. Block.one has also developed what it dubs “weighted threshold multi-signature block production” for the network’s block producers. This is a way for them to “securely sign blocks by utilizing a permission layer that allows for multiple block signing keys in a flexible scheme without sharing any sensitive data.”

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