Coin Center Launches its Website

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Coin Center Launches its Website

Education and research institution Coin Center has launched its website.  Its focus will be policy issues relating to bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The institution states on its homepage:

“Think of us as a think tank for blockchain technology.  Our mission is to build a better understanding of the technology in order to promote a regulatory climate that preserves maximum freedom of action for digital currency innovation.  We are not a trade association or an industry group.  Our job is not to represent any particular company, or industry, or currency, but instead it is to advocate for the freedom to innovate using blockchain technology.”

The words of executive director Jerry Brito seem to imply that the company’s prime period is now, as there is still much to be learned in the digital currency universe:

“The implications of digital currency regulation are complex, unprecedented and far reaching… Sound public policy in this space requires policymakers and the media to be informed by sound research.”

Thus far, the company has received most of its funding from venture capitalists, and Coin Center’s board of directors seem to hold a number of prominent and knowledgeable members of the cryptocurrency community, including Alex Morcos,the co-founder of Chain Code labs, and Susan Athey, an economics professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Coin Center further states that:

“Success for us is a world in which regulators, the media, and the public understand what cryptocurrency technologies are (and aren’t) and why they’re important.”