CoinDesk BPI Spike Caused By LakeBTC Price Ticker Error

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The CoinDesk BPI spiked this weekend due to an error in the data reported by the LakeBTC exchange.

From 09:18 UTC to 12:24 UTC on 26th October, LakeBTC's price ticker reported a bid value of $1,000. Immediately prior to this, the value was $351.34.

Oct 27 - BPI Error
A LakeBTC data caching issue caused its price ticker to show an erroneous, high, bid value.

"We thought it was the trades but the trade history looked fine. Product support reviewed all the logs and cache for that time period and found it was a rare data caching issue," said a spokesperson from LakeBTC.

LakeBTC said the ticker was showing the wrong numbers and that the order book and trading history were not affected. It said it is working on a patch to prevent this from happening again.

Oct 27 - BPI Candlestick
CoinDesk OHLC chart still shows erroneous LakeBTC data. This will be fixed once LakeBTC supplies the correct data for the relevant period.

CoinDesk has recalculated the BPI's price between 09:18 and 12:24 to exclude data from LakeBTC. The OHLC chart, however, still reflects LakeBTC's erroneous data.

Both the price chart and the OHLC chart will be rectified once LakeBTC supplies CoinDesk with correct data for the affected time period. We have contacted LakeBTC to obtain this data.

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