Key projects for the development of the NEO in 2020

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The NEO team has provided an update on the most important projects at the moment. Most of them were presented at the BlockShow Asia 2019 and will contribute to the improvement and expansion of the NEO network. A number of multidisciplinary teams will be working on the projects and key areas to achieve the goals for next year. The teams will also be focused on core development and the strengthening of the NEO community.

The roadmap for the next months

In a NEO blog post the NEO core development team talked about the progress of Oracle’s implementation and functionality, the new schemes for content storage in NeoFS and the advance in the Neo Gui interface. Although the team did not reveal many advances, the post states that they are working on the technology and that all subsequent testing will be done with Electron.

On the other hand, they have had an important development in the codification of Oracle’s functionality. This feature will allow a new URL scheme to be added so that content in NeoFS can be accessed using the Oracle API. The NEO core team has set out to carry out all tests and updates with the greatest transparency. For this reason, they are progressively changing to use the GitHubs Actions. Below is a list of other priorities for the NEO core team for 2020:

The project that NEO is developing with Ethereum, IOTA and LEDGER should also be highlighted. The alliance intends to build the next generation internet.

NEO community growth and participation

The development of the NEO community will also be a key focus for the teams. In 2019 the NEO community made advances and updates that involved research, consolidation of alliances and incorporation of new features to improve the user experience.

The community will also continue to work on updating the NeoGo client, exploring new phases for the third version of the dBFT and seeking better privacy mechanisms for NEO’s smart contracts. In this regard, NEO will continue to strengthen its partnership with Incognito to provide its users with better solutions that protect the anonymity of transactions on the NEO network.

NEO’s price stands at $8.91 USD and has made a profit of 3.63% in the last 24 hours.

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Last Updated on 22 December, 2019