48k Ethereum Emptied From HEX Flush Address

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48k Ethereum Emptied From HEX Flush Address
Cryptocurrency news this week (April 2019)

The HEX purchase address has seen almost $7 million worth of Ethereum emptied out over the last couple of days.

This comes after we previously reported this week that recycled Ethereum was supposedly being used by the HEX token to buy more tokens from the controversial cryptocurrencies flush address.

On the move throughout the ether

Reports suggest that around 36 transactions ran out the rest of the Ethereum which had been sent to the HEX buy address. Each of the transactions contained 1,337 Ethereum, which would be worth around $185k for each transaction going off current prices. Overall, all this ETH would be worth around $6.7 million however, if something like this happened about a month ago, the value would be significantly less at just $5.5 million.

As previously reported by CryptoDaily, some commentators made their opinions known on the matter. On a Reddit post that analyses HEX’s “We are all Satoshi” bonus, it states:

“This bonus is essentially all of the unclaimed HEX that is to be paid out proportionally to all stakeholders after the initial BTC free claim and AA (Adoption Amplification) phase is over with. Since a copy of all bonuses and penalties in HEX get paid to the OA, this bonus is also being paid proportionally on a daily basis to the OA which amounts to about 520 million HEX per day.”

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out with the emptied Ethereum. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!