Ethereum 2.0 Has Released Phase 0 of Its New Phase, Serenity

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Ethereum has entered into a metamorphosis stage transitioning to a proof-of-stake blockchain-powered system at the beginning of the year. It is quite noticeable that since the inception of the Ethereum network, developers are curious about moving towards an eventual transition to enable block validation operation from miners to various network validators.

Earlier this month, Ethereum researcher Justin Drake conveyed that the team is working on phase zero developments and its code specifications. Ethereum 2.0 has successfully launched the phase 0 code specification v0.10.0 version, which focuses on the integration of new BLS standards into the current platform of the Ethereum network.

Parity’s Shasper, along with Prismatic Lab’s prism responsible for Sapphire testnet, expects more user engagement on the testnet in the coming future. Sapphire was initially launched in June 2019 which presented as the third single client Eth2 testnet after the launch of nimbus and Lighthouse testnets.

Last year at an interoperability conference in Canada, Prismatic Labs conducted a private multi-client test network and this time the lab developed a full end-to-end user network where users can participate in an environment similar to that of the mainnet. The purpose was to give a final outlook to the product and to solve issues that they have not thought of earlier.

Eric Conner, executive of ethhub claimed that this version set out to produce a tremendous shift in the future multi-client testnets. This version is about to be audited. Lianwen reported that Ethereum had authorized an IT company to conduct the auditing of phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0.

The new version focuses on the denial of service (DoS) attacks, plausible accidental branching and preventing chain resource abuse audits and other related cyber and funding related crimes.

Serenity, the new phase, would be launching in three prescribed phases -phase 0, phase 1 and at last phase 2. The phase 0 would introduce the beacon chain, and subsequent phases would introduce shard chains and executive function and would be making their debut simultaneously.