New Cryptocurrency Coino Arouses Strong Interest Virtual Currency Community, Delivers Robust Speed and Tough Security

By January 29, 2014Bitcoin Business
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New Cryptocurrency Coino Arouses Strong Interest Virtual Currency Community, Delivers Robust Speed and Tough Security

Coino Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Coino)
Coino Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Coino)
Coino.  (PRNewsFoto/Coino)
Coino. (PRNewsFoto/Coino)

BERLIN, Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As of January 18, Coino ( has entered the cryptocurrency marketplace and is well positioned to become a dominant Internet currency. Coino was conceived in part by a German online marketing agency, which was a major factor in its flawless launch and quick adoption by speculators. In the coming months, the developers hope to build on this great first impression with superior technical support and industry-leading specifications.

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(Logo: )

The Coino wallet and mining utility is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The most notable characteristics of Coino include fast, anonymous transactions and guaranteed secure transfers. The currency is available to anyone in the world and is not yet tied to any particular exchange. In terms of transaction speed, Coino offers 25 seconds block time and two confirmations, which rivals any other cryptocurrency in the world today. Complete technical specifications on the currency can be found here:

As with many cryptocurrencies, the team behind Coino believes in fostering a sense of community and cooperation. To that end, the team has created a user forum and is encouraging feedback and questions from users: The forum includes sections for trading and buying/selling, along with technical troubleshooting and general Coino discussions. The forum is the main platform for all official announcements regarding the new currency.

Ultimately, value is what drives an Internet currency either to the top of the pile or to the slagheap of history. Coino's developers understand this and have made a robust investment in long-term, dedicated support. The goal is to see Coino reach a highly competitive value on the cryptocurrency exchanges as quickly as possible.

The democratic, decentralized nature of Internet currencies has made them enormously popular in tech circles, but the general public is beginning to take an interest as well. Coino looks to ride this second wave of adoption. Those interested in tracking developments with Coino can follow the cryptocurrency on Facebook and Twitter.

About Coino

With seven years in the marketing market, Coino has 21 employees and generates over 8.000.000€ in annual revenue. Coino's developers believe it will be the Internet currency of the future. Coino enables fast, convenient payments to anyone in the world. Transactions are fully confirmed in 50 seconds. The developers' main goal is to make Coino one of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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