Pegasus Legal Funding LLC Ready to Assist Victims of Wrongful Incarceration and Police Brutality

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Pegasus Legal Funding LLC Ready to Assist Victims of Wrongful Incarceration and Police Brutality

Pegasus Legal Funding levels the playing field between personal injury victims and deep-pocket defendants. Pegasus Legal Funding gives money to personal injury victims, so they don't have to settle for less than they deserve. Pegasus Legal Funding LLC a direct Lawsuit Cash Advance funder. Providing clients with superior service at greatly reduced rates. Pegasus Legal Funding LLC allows the public to deal directly and avoid broker's fees and rates. (PRNewsFoto/Pegasus Legal Funding LLC)

, /PRNewswire/ -- Pegasus Legal Funding LLC, (Pegasus) the lawsuit funding company, knows that sometimes the law can work against people.   Unfortunately, there are thousands of cases involving police brutality and wrongful incarceration each year in the United States.   Police misconduct occurs when inappropriate actions are taken by police officers in connection with performing their official duties.  Some of the most common examples include police brutality that occurs from the overuse of excessive force and/or the misuse of a weapon such as a Taser.  It may also involve false imprisonment or wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution,  violation of a civil right. In wrongful incarceration cases, the defendant and his or her family are robbed of years of their lives.

"There is no monetary award that could ever replace or compensate for the loss of freedom while incarcerated," said Pegasus Case Manager . "I am just happy that I am able to assist people with financial assistance while they are piecing their lives back together," he added.

A recent news report earlier this month focused on a case out of where police were accused of knocking a cell phone out of a woman's hands as she taped what she considered to be an act of police brutality. Later reports revealed that the video led to a forced resignation of the accused officer.

Another report out of revealed that a 28-year-old is invoicing the U.S. government, payable in bitcoin (a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank) after being wrongfully convicted of computer fraud in 2012. The exact figure the man is asking for is 28,296 BTC, representing compensation for his time in captivity at 1 BTC per hour. At a recent bitcoin price valuation, that would be worth over $13.7 million.

Cases like these, where law enforcement and the legal system fail citizens are all too common and Pegasus is versed in helping those victims receive the compensation they deserve.

If you, or a family member have been a victim of police brutality or wrongful incarceration, and need lawsuit settlement funding you may apply right now to: If you prefer to speak to a live representative that can speak discreetly and professionally about your specific case and funding needs, you may call Pegasus' toll free hotline at: 855-FUND-YOU / 855-386-3968. 

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