Alliance of Austin Agorists Host Eighth Networking Party

By August 8, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Join the Alliance of Austin Agorists this Saturday August 9th from 6 to 10pm at Brave New Books in Austin, Texas for their 8th networking party and counter-economic farmers market. They will host four Central Texas residents who have found success with enterprising agorist ventures.

Speakers include Catherine Bleish (,, Justin and Jessica Arman (,, and Tracy Ward ( Come ready to spend bitcoin, silver, FRNs, or barter at the market.

Agorism is a concept coined by Samuel Edward Konkin III and is a social philosophy that advocates for peaceful revolution through voluntary interactions such as counter-economics. It has also been called revolutionary market anarchism.

When asked about his organization, founder Joel Williamson stated, “The Alliance of Austin Agorists is a group of freedom-oriented individuals who take the power of peace and truth seriously. We believe that real change can occur through post-parliamentary direct action. We think tactics such as education, community-building and mutually beneficial voluntary exchange will pave the way to the world we wish to see.”

This is why Bitcoin so perfectly intersects with agorism. It is post-parliamentary direct action and a voluntary exchange that is free of government coercion and manipulation.

When asked about the lack of government influence in philosophical agorist enterprises, Williamson stated, “We understand that a peaceful society is possible without violent monopolies, and we wish to evolve past such institutions by building a counter-economy that will ultimately render them irrelevant.”

While many activist organizations turn to politics to make the changes they seek in society, Williamson thinks there is another way: “We recognize that bullets and ballots are impractical and outdated methods for change. We know that a better world is possible and will come to fruition as soon as we choose to get serious about freedom and start building!”

About Alliance of Austin Agorists
The Alliance of Austin Agorists is a grassroots organization of left libertarians, market anarchists, anarcho-capitalists, voluntaryists, individualist anarchists, mutualists, etc. who are interested in growing the counter economy, community organization, and making like-minded friends.

Goals as an organization:
- Educate people about agorism
- Encourage people to start practicing counter economics
- Radicalize minarchists and encourage consistent libertarianism
- Host monthly networking parties that include counter economic farmers markets for all products, skills or services as well as interviews and speeches with speakers well versed in ideas surrounding freedom and agorism
- Help liberty minded individuals make friends

About Joel Williamson, the founder of the Alliance
Joel Williamson is a people person and a radical who wears his passions on his sleeve. He started the Alliance because he believes that freedom lovers should not only think and preach ideas surrounding liberation, but also live them. Joel’s fight is against couch potato libertarianism and even worse, the idea that we should focus our time money and energy on implementing a libertarian world through parliamentary politics. He believes in agorism because it is consistent, eclectic, and most importantly, practical. He holds fast to the agorist idea that real change occurs when we realize the things we can control, ourselves. Instead of putting our trust in politicians, he advocates that people be the change they wish to see in the world, for profit, for goodwill, and for fun. The Alliance of Austin Agorists is his attempt at putting his money where his mouth is. The sky is the limit, and for him this means helping implement universal anarchy.

Joel has done great work supporting Ross Ulbricht, alleged founder of the Silk Road. He has been an integral part of the Free Ross campaign, selling t-shirt to raise money for Ross’s defense and working closely with Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’s mother.

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Brave New Books is located at 1904 Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas. They accept Bitcoin and have a Bitcoin ATM for your convenience.

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