Bitcoin News Mash-Up: BitPagos Love For Argentina; Circle Criticizes BitLicense; and More

By August 14, 2014Bitcoin Business
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BitPagos Launches Gravel, to List 8000 Argentinian Bitcoin Stores
Renowned payment processor BitPagos recently launched Ripio, a new service that brings consumers the opportunities to purchase small fractions of Bitcoin from 8000 convenient stores in Argentina. To make it possible, Ripio is further partnering with local mobile phone company TeleRecargas. Speaking to CoinDesk.COM, the BitPagos CEO Sebastian Serraon said:

“You can go to any location, give them your account in Ripio and the amount of pesos you want to get in bitcoins. Boom: you have some bitcoins. It’s going be extremely easy to use and to buy bitcoins easily, securely and near you, even if you don’t have a bank account. We think that this is going to push adoption.”

Circle Top Officials Criticizes BitLicense
The CEO and CTO of the famous organization Circle have expressed their concerns over the recently proposed regulations on Bitcoins by New York Department of Finance. The experts recently took their blog to convey their views on BitLicense – a protocol which is need to be followed by the Bitcoin centered businesses in New York. Both of them think that these regulations will simply block a normal consumer from using Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. According to the CEO Jeremy Allaire, the New York regulations are “technically impossible to meet”, while the CTO Seam Neville supported Jeremy whole-heartedly.

Overstock CEO Optimistic of Bitcoins
If one is to believe the Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, Bitcoin sales are likely to add a 4-cent-per-share benefit to company’s stocks. Overstock began accepting Bitcoin in January this year and has already sold over $2 million equivalent of BTC till date. Byrne hopes this figure to reach between $6 and $8 million by the end this year.

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