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By August 15, 2014Bitcoin Business
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As emerging markets move towards digital currency ecosystems, Bangladesh has emerged as the first adapter of these changes by becoming the first affiliate from Asia for Bitcoin Foundation.

Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh

The Bitcoin Foundation has been interacting with economies worldwide, urging users to tread the digital currency route. In just under eight months, the Foundation has worked incessantly, bringing international users to the cryptocurrency space.

At last count, the countries on its affiliate list included Mexico, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands as well as Germany.

As the President of Bitcoin Foundation, Bangladesh shared,

“To be effective in positively improving lives, it’s important we join together, align our goals, become educated and coordinate our efforts to encourage bitcoin’s adoption.”

Bangladesh Foundation is driven by entrepreneurs who see digital currency as the way to the future for such economies as Bangladesh.

The official website of the Bangladesh Affiliate mentions that

“Our mission is to help people utilize the best solutions to help make their life easier,”


Bangladesh Foundation’s Sazeeb commented that, currently a website is under production to meet the requirements of the local system. The websites are to carry educative information, besides affiliate marketing awards by way of Coinpiler.

The Coinpiler is an affiliate marketing program which pays spews rewards to users with bitcoins instead of other goodies or cash back.

Countries across the world, despite government regulations and higher controls by central banks, are pushing hard for adoption of bitcoin currency.

This includes a new development in Bangladesh’s neighbour, India as well, with key investor’s funding large-sized bitcoin adoption in the country.

In Argentina as well, the latest count of cryptocurrency adoption include 8,000 convenience stores which are to sell bitcoins.

As The Bitcoin Foundation juggernaut gathers speed, more affiliation is in the offing.

Watch this space to catch updates!

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