BitCoinDark Teleport for Anonymous use

By August 18, 2014Bitcoin Business
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BitCoinDark Teleport for Anonymous use
BitCoinDark Teleport for Anonymous use

Bitcoindark (,  the open source digital currency project, reported that its much discussed Teleport Anon Technology beta is available. The aim of the project is to remain loyal to the core commitments by which Bitcoins was originally started.

What BitcoinDark wants…Decentralized currency

“A good coin should be developed by the community that intends to use it “- decentralized currency with a supporting payment system. In the process, the developers hope to see the creation of a decentralized trading platform itself. The blocs which their ambitious project hopes to include are- asset exchanges at the person-to-person level, besides an entire ecosystem which will allow community-based collaboration.

How will BitcoinDark achieve its goals…Teleport Anon Tech

For decentralized cryptocurrency the primary necessity is anonymity.

BitcoinDark marks this privacy or anonymity factor with its Teleport Anon Technology.

“Privacy servers will form the backbone of the BitcoinDark off- blockchain private network and will not only work to keep your transactions anonymous, but private as well!,” states BitcoinDark website.

A Look at Teleport Anon Technology

Teleport Anon Technology, which is at an advanced development stage, will operate through a decentralized exchange called InstantDEX. It will also have a sports book, Privatebet for peer-to-peer exchanges. It is designed to work Proof-of-Stake coin in an ASIC ecosystem.

The PoW phase saw 1.2 million BitcoinDark coins mined and will continue until 2020 to arrive at 1.5 million coins, with provision for 5% new coins staking. The aim is to have 5% annual staking revenue for 60 years for its holders.

Teleport Anon Tech which makes Bitcoin fully anonymous is in full transaction currently at Bitcoindark , Cryptsy as well as Atomic Trade. Soon with infrastructure in place, any cryptocurrency can be cloaked in anonymity using the Teleport Anon Tech and award holders income in Bitcoin denominations.

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