This ‘Bitcoin Belle’ Will Give You Your Bitcoin News, Naked

By October 13, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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This 'Bitcoin Belle' Will Give You Your Bitcoin News, Naked

This 'Bitcoin Belle' Will Give You Your Bitcoin News, Naked
This 'Bitcoin Belle' Will Give You Your Bitcoin News, Naked

NakedBits is the website, Bitcoin Belle is the girl, and Proof-of-Strip is the show. That is all you need to know to learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin, while having a naked young woman explain it to you.

If that sounds like something that might be interesting to you, you might want to check out Naked Bits, its a weekly Naked-News style show that covers everything Bitcoin. It is available for free (censored) on Vimeo and uncensored with a low bitcoin subscription.

We sat down with the Bitcoin Belle to ask her everything about her show, her involvement in Bitcoin

CoinTelegraph: I think the first question everyone is dying to ask, what is a girl like you doing in a crypto world like this?

Bitcoin Belle: The simple answer is I have some geeky friends. I first heard about Bitcoin from a friend and immediately thought, nerd money. This was almost 18 months ago. It wasn't until I saw an Andreas Aantonopoulos video that it "clicked" and I pretty much fell down the rabbit hole. He helped me see the bigger picture of bitcoin as well as understand the technical stuff. Just been keeping up with it ever since, it’s a fascinating world and story. Bitcoin to me is renewed optimism, a bright light on the horizon.

CT: Mind if I ask what your measurements are?

BB: 32D-28-36

CT: How many people are involved in the show, and what are their roles? Do you write the scripts yourself?

BB: It’s just me and a friend. We write the scripts together.

CT: I can't seem to find your real name, outside of Bitcoin Belle, on your site, is that intentional? If not, what is your real name?

BB: Believe it or not my mom actually named me Bitcoin Belle… weird right? Yes it’s intentional. I, like Bitcoin, enjoy being pseudonymous... For now.

CT: Your About Me page says that before doing Proof-of-Strip you were a model. What is your modeling history and where can fans find more of your work?

BB: I am still a model, and that’s what pays the bills right now. I do all kinds of shoots, glamour, fitness, pinup. I haven't been in anything famous. My favorite is acting though. I love death scenes, I’m weird.

CT: When I was an adolescent, Naked News was near legendary in certain circles. Were you influenced by it at all? Had you heard about it before starting your show?

BB: Yes, I had heard about naked news but never knew what/where it was. I found out there is a website. I checked it out and some of their vids to see how they do it, for research purposes of course.

CT: I noticed an increase in costumes as the show went on and episode three even had you start out wearing lingerie before striping off your bra. Do you plan to incorporate more “stripping” into proof-of-strip as the show evolves?

BB: It’s funny this question follows naked news because while researching some of their videos I noticed they stand, deliver the news (straight faced), and strip off garments of clothing until nude. I thought it was pretty corny, and I didn’t want to do it that way. But people (men) seem to like it, so I’m probably going to incorporate it in my own style. I have a lot of creative ideas for the show and subscribers.

CT: What are your interests outside of Bitcoin? Have you always been into “tech” things or is Bitcoin the first?

BB: I love modeling, acting, biking, running, swimming, MMA, and being my own boss. God no, I am not a techie at all. I have a smart phone, does that even count anymore? I should be soon though, I'm learning how to run a website, advertise/market on the web, use different systems for my content and payments, and edit videos. These are just a few of the things I’m learning/have learned because of Bitcoin. Thanks Satoshi.

CT: Porn help bring the internet into the mainstream. Your show is a very mild form of porn, or at least it is an erotic performance. Is the intent of your show to help making learning about Bitcoin an easier experience than what is currently out there for some people?

BB: Easier and more entertaining. I’m all about fun, and there isn’t enough of it in the space. It isn’t easy trying to do a 10 min bitcoin video for beginners. Deciding what a noob should know and narrowing it down is no easy task with Bitcoin. I just hope people learn something new and have as much fun watching my videos as I have doing them.

How has the feedback been for your show so far? I imagine you are getting some interesting comments, any you'd like to share? It's still early, the show/site only launched a month ago but the feedback has been great. Everyone seems to be enjoying it.

CT: Do you think a show like yours could be successful if it was about anything other than Bitcoin? If you did a naked show about the traditional finance show and took Paypal donations, do you think that would be as successful?

BB: I think any show like mine would succeed if the person likes what they do and there's a group of people that are also into the topic. Luckily there is a large group who feel the same way I do about Bitcoin and I have a very good feeling this group is going to get much larger once people realize the power of the blockchain. It's good to be an early adopter :)

CT: As the show grows, any possibility we will see a second anchor added? You have those segments where you pretend you have another anchor but it is really just you, what kind of support would you need to see from the community before you would consider a second anchor?

BB: I would love to have a co-host, I have many ideas of what I would like to do, if/when the show gets bigger. First thing is a better camera and mic. The only support I would like is to check out the show and spread the word. I put a lot of work into these videos and if you don't want to pay the $1 a week you can check out Proof-of-Strip on youtube/vimeo (censored of course). I want to prove to the crypto-crowd this isn’t just some stupid gimmick, but there’s actual quality information, just delivered with less clothing.

CT: Finally, what do you have to say to the people who say what you are doing is wrong or exploitative of women or things along those lines?

BB: I haven’t heard anything like that yet, but if I did, screw’em… they don’t speak for all woman and neither do I. To each their own. I’m very comfortable in my own skin, and I won’t look like this forever. 

This 'Bitcoin Belle' Will Give You Your Bitcoin News, Naked

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If that sounds like something that might be interesting to you, you might want to check out Naked Bits, its a weekly Naked-News style show […]

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