Bitcoin: A Network of Peace for the Islamic State

By October 17, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin: A Network of Peace for the Islamic State

Bitcoin: A Network of Peace for the Islamic State

As long as we have had something to believe in, there has been mass manipulation. As long as we have had finite resources, there has been war. As long as there has been war, we have had the dream of peace.

There is only one thing separating dreams from reality:


Rarely do we meditate, as a community deeply involved in Bitcoin, on the impact we can have to positively evolve the very issues the mass media has taken so kindly to attribute to Bitcoin as a technology. Has Bitcoin been the cause of criminal activities, or has Bitcoin caused complete exploitation of criminal activities which have been evolving under the surface of economic life throughout the history of financial discourse?

Bitcoin is an invention, a piece of technology anyone can use to store, share or protect value. Stores of value, regardless of their association with a government, a business or math, are not the problem. We, as humans, are the entities who use these mechanisms of value to fuel and propagate agendas, both positive and negative, to increase personal gain, or, to contribute to the capital, political, social and general overall well being of our relative societies and communities.

We currently live in a distributed, modern Pangea and bottom up growth is the solution to mobilize global communities toward empowerment.

The Islamic state and the surrounding radical groups of the Middle East can seem, for most, to be a hopeless endeavor for one individual to solve. The situation has garnered passive attention from the majority of the masses through constant media coverage and has sparked elongated action from a centralized system, the government of the United States, who sees this political dissonance as a problem worthy of their involvement. However, we have seen time and time again, when legacy systems take action without understanding the depth of the problem or providing sustainable solutions for the future evolutions of a population struggling to understand the idea of freedom, evil may be subverted, but truth is far from free after a reign of terror looms throughout the thoughts of a population for a prolonged period of time.

The citizens surrounded by radical groups fueling terror in the Middle East are granted the ability to feel empowered in three cases.

  1.    If they participate in villainous acts with fundamentalist partners.
  2.   If they find the rare ability to escape and manifest a new life in a variant sect of society.
  3.   If they are granted the opportunity to participate in an economic stratosphere segmented from the actions of a nation at war with itself; with a world who believes in equality and truth.

Capitalism is the most powerful mechanism we possess to empower politically victimized citizens living in nation states with deeply rooted seeds of terror. We, as a community supporting the ideologies behind Bitcoin as an invention and innovation of technology, should use our power to help those who will be completely dependent on the system Bitcoin provides, for they, truly, will be the agents in the system who ensure the success of the overall mission.

Security, for human beings living in a state fueled by radical philosophies of terror organizations, is dependent on a form of control disguised as protection (a similar concept to the idea of access points providing the illusion of safety disguised as consumer protection). Decentralized capitalism is a mechanism of economic empowerment which has the potential, if enacted properly, free from complete quicksand constraints of legacy systems fearful of the next wave of innovation, to end the breathlessness caused by a fevered grip from the callused palm of terrorist organizations.

How do we create a new form of security? We must make it impossible for terrorists to recruit by fueling bottom up growth through populations worldwide by imbuing them with access to a modern, global form of capitalism fueled by:

  1. Global distribution of Bitcoin as a mechanism of financial equality for those disempowered by their government or those without access to an established financial network.
  2. Giving citizens control over their assets by using the blockchain as a ledger.
  3. By providing these disempowered human beings, deserving of equality, with the ability to interact with a more accessible legal framework through the global distribution of smart contracts.

Bitcoin can lead to the economic and political empowerment of citizens who need resources distributed from outside of the lines of their own nation state, which can, in turn, lead to a more proportional distribution of resources for the polyarchical nation structure of the United States, among other nations, who often feel responsible and are held accountable for upholding the idea of freedom throughout the global political sphere.

We, as people who truly understand the virtues of Bitcoin, should be empowering a society at war from afar using the Blockchain and other decentralized principles to fuel bottom up growth for the idea of freedom while working with the centralized entities that are devoting their time, energy and resources to solve this problem.

By following these guidelines, we can build an image for Bitcoin which is free of the negative circumstances the technology has exposed, circumstances which have been attributed to the invention by a media who is missing the point. These problems have been thriving under the surface of economic life for ages. Bitcoin is truth.

In addition, by using Bitcoin as a tool of global empowerment, living standards for the newly financially empowered will rise, equality can begin to become a more natural principle of a global human race, innovation will be stimulated, and terror as well as fear, in my greatest dream, will become globally understood as a useless and devolutionary principle.

The most important question: Who is most primed to take action?

Who is most primed to benefit from you exercising your power in a positive manner?
What you think may be different from what we believe.

We think we want the people who have something to offer us, we know we want the people who have everything to give, but, the people who we need to turn a dream of peace into a tangible reality are those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Often, the majority population participating in the dialogue concerning the present and the future of capitalism and global equality think of the poor and disempowered as the “people who need help”. However, I believe it is time for us to understand the poor and the disempowered are, truly, the people who will be the greatest help to us as we move to build a foundation for a modern, global, economic equality.

Stop dreaming. Wake up.
The time for action is now.
What’s stopping you?

Please let me know in the comments section if this article has inspired to you take action, or, if you have already started to establish a notable project to progress equality and empower humans across the globe to participate in a new financial paradigm.

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There is only one thing separating dreams from reality:

Action.Rarely do we meditate, as a community deeply involved in Bitcoin, on the impact we can have […]

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