Polish Company Shares Now Available in Bitcoin

By October 25, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Polish Company Shares Now Available in Bitcoin

Polish Company Shares Now Available in Bitcoin Polish Company Shares Now Available in Bitcoin

A Polish company, InPay S.A., has become the first company in the world that is selling its shares in exchange of Bitcoin. The announcement came in the form of a press release wherein it says that the sale has just launched on the equity crowdfunding site Beesfund.com. This is an attempt to get equity crowdfunding raising capital thanks to the online community.

The press release from the organization says that unlike the reward-based crowdfunding, made popular by sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or RocketHub, in equity crowdfunding people who are involved in financing the company receive personal shares. Thus, according to the company this is the best option for it.

Nonetheless, InPay S.A. had enabled the purchase of shares through Bitcoin and thus, became the first company to do so. The company says that this solution is proposed as a first by the Polish equity crowdfunding site Beesfund.com which is able to offer the purchase of equity from companies looking to raise capital.

The First Payment System in Central Europe to Offer Such a Solution

InPay is the first such payment system in Central Europe as according to the company up till now similar solutions on the continent had only been created in the UK, Sweden, Holland and Denmark. One recent example was from billionaire Richard Branson, an American company BitPay, which also has ambitious plans as well.

Nonetheless, some countries of the world have been behaving belligerently against Bitcoin, Poland stands out in it. It has shown great level of interest in Bitcoin and its practical applications. In fact, the country is in the global Top 10 in terms of regional interest of Google searches (last 30 days, source: Google Trends).

In his statement to media Arkadiusz Osiak, chairman of the board of InPay S.A. said that in the world as a whole, mainly in the US around 60 venture capital investments have been made in companies linked to Bitcoin. He also added that the most recent examples, in Blockchain or Bitfury, have reached 30-40 million dollars.

According to him the subject of Bitcoin in both the USA and UK is taken more seriously than in Poland. Similar views were shared by Lech Wilczyński, CEO, co-founder, InPay S.A. who said that most people perceive Bitcoin only through the lens of its dynamically changing price, but it is a specific need, not a problem.

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