Now Backup Your DNA Data Using Bitcoin Network at Genecoin

By October 31, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Now Backup Your DNA Data Using Bitcoin Network at Genecoin

Now Backup Your DNA Data Using Bitcoin Network at Genecoin
Now Backup Your DNA Data Using Bitcoin Network at Genecoin

Genecoin has now started offering a service to backup DNA of the clients who opt for it. In its official announcement the organization says, “We help you get your DNA sequenced, and then upload it into the Bitcoin network. This spreads your genetic material to thousands of computers all across the globe.” Thus, according to it, the DNA is safe for eternity.

Answering to a question how it works, the company says that it sends clients a kit to collect a spit sample which is then forwarded to a DNA sequencing provider that creates a data version of the genome. Finally, the company stores this genome in the Bitcoin Blockchain which has revolutionized and impressed a lot of innovators.

Responding to a question how Bitcoin can store data and what is a Blockchain, the company says that though most people think of Bitcoin as a currency, this is only one use of its protocol & network. According to the company Bitcoin is really a networked ledger – a way to permanently store information on thousands of computers around the world.

The website of Genecoin informs that every computer that mines for Bitcoin stores this ledger, which makes it an extremely robust way to backup data and it has a number of strategies for encoding users’ genome data as Bitcoin transactions. Various reports have come up which claim that this offer sounds ludicrous; however, the company is quite sincere about it.

Assured Privacy to Users

According to the official website of company DNA uploading will become such a ‘thing’ that ultimately people will start using the data as a means of ranking how important they are on the web. The company also assures of privacy to the users claiming that they will likely want their genome encrypted before uploading it into the Bitcoin network.

It further elaborates that users’ identity and data can remain as private as they want as the company ensures that it would not even have to see it. Users can encrypt it on their own computer, send it that data, and then it does all the hard work of uploading it into the Bitcoin network.

Genecoin aims to help humans transition into the era of all-data-everything and network fitness. It says its crawlers will spread users’ genetic material to foreign Blockchain all across the globe. Nonetheless, though it may sound ludicrous, Genecoin is inventing something new for the decentralized digital era that may not even be comprehensible for many.

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