Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin ATM in Google Campus; BitPay’s New POS Application; and More

By November 5, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin ATM in Google Campus; BitPay’s New POS Application; and More
Following are the major Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of the day

Bitcoin ATM Launched in Google Campus
A Bitcoin ATM was recently installed at the Google Campus in London. It is the second time when Google’s name is getting associated with the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Earlier, the search-engine company partnered with Coinbase to create a cryptocurrency index price. And now with the new ATM, Google’s interest in Bitcoin is public. The new machine is currently located in the basement cafeteria of the Google’s center. Two startups – Callisign and Wyre – are credited to put this ATM between the eyes of Google employees.

BitPay Launches New POS Application
The popular payment processor BitPay recently took its blog to convey its users about the launch of a new POS application, called “Bitcoin Checkout”. As explained in the post, it is an application that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments on a mobile device. It is designed for being compatible with existing POS systems. The blog further reads:

“With Bitcoin Payment Protocol support, payments are sent and verified instantly, and with NFC support, payments are as simple as one tap. We believe this seamless experience — all on an open wallet ecosystem — is the key to setting Bitcoin apart, and we’re excited to be working with wallet vendors to accelerate this leap in Bitcoin’s ease of use.”

Bitwage Launches Bitcoin Payroll Services
Bitwage announced the launch of its new service that allows servicemen to receive a fraction of their salaries in Bitcoin. The only new thing about this service is that that a worker doesn’t have to be depend on a Bitcoin-using employer in order to receive his paychecks in digital currency. Jonathan Chester, the chief strategic officer of Bitwage, said:

”One of the good things about the system is that, unlike a lot of other wallet providers and exchanges, you’re trusting them to hold on to their bitcoins. We’re just a conduit to make it so USD will flow into whatever wallet you chose.”

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