Bitcoin and the Internet of Money

By November 10, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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Cryptocurrencies are profoundly disrupting the way payments, digital assets and applications around them are created, distributed, verified. Similarly to the introduction of HTTP and the web browser, which made the Internet accessible to all, Bitcoin as a protocol is spurring an unprecedented level of innovation in the fields of finance and payment technologies.This talk is part of the TechPeaks Innovation series organized by TrentoRise. to the "Bitcoin and the Internet of Money" Facebook group founded by +Alex Lightman for allowing me to further my thinking on digital currencies and the future of will last for 30 minutes, to be followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers using the public live YouTube video's Q&A module as well as the questions from the local audience in Trento, Italy. free financial planner,free online financial planner,free financial planner software,free financial budget planner,free financial planners

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