Lamassu Installs its 100th Bitcoin ATM

By November 17, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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Lamassu Installs its 100th Bitcoin ATM
Lamassu Installs its 100th Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM maker, Lamassu has installed 100th machine. The news came when the official Twitter handle informed its followers about the same. Currently, it costs $5’500 (MOQ 10) – $6’500 per Bitcoin machine. Whereas Lamassu Santo Tirso (Bitcoin to cash) stand costs $5’500, stand without cash dispensing functionality costs $1’600.

Bitcoin ATMs have huge prospects in Bitcoin ecosystem; this was first understood well by Lamassu that introduced the first versions. Now, its BTC ATMs are one of the most popular Bitcoin machines and the installation of 100th machine itself is an indication that the company has been able to deliver to its promises that it did when it was formed.

Lamassu was established by Zach Harvey, Josh Harvey and Matt Whitlock in the middle of 2013. The trio wanted to explore the potential available in Bitcoin market with compact Bitcoin purchase devices. Though, later on Matt Whitlock left the company, it did not affect the overall performance and orientation of the firm as it moved strength to strength.

In very short span of time, Lamassu has been able to cater the requirements from clients. Since its pre-orders for Lamassu Bitcoin machines that started to be accepted since August 2013, it has not turned back. Today, its BTC ATMs are installed in almost all continents. Earlier this year in April, it announced that it has sold more than 220 BTC ATMs.

Now Lamassu Brings Full two-Way BTC ATMs

However, later on it was found that only about 80-100 were actually delivered and some of them were not even installed. Now, the company has confirmed that it has really installed its 100th Bitcoin ATM despite a lot of hurdles it faced in several countries that have put a lot of restrictions on the circulation of the digital currency.

To verify the locations, anyone can visit the page Bitcoin ATM map; thus, there is nothing to hide from Lamassu now. Each location can now be tracked by the users visiting the website; thus, it is now confirmed that there is nothing hanky-panky about the claim that the BTC ATM maker has indeed installed its 100th Bitcoin ATM.

Though, it was a dumpy road for Lamassu when it started operating as vending machine wherein it gave possibility only to buy Bitcoin and no way to convert Bitcoin to fiat money; the company has seen tremendous turnaround when in May, 2014 it upgraded the machine and made it cash dispensing, now it is a full two-way Bitcoin ATM.

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Bitcoin ATMs have huge prospects in Bitcoin ecosystem ; this was first understood well by Lamassu that introduced […]

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