Now Selling Bitcoin Made Easy by Bittylicious

By November 23, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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Now Selling Bitcoin Made Easy by Bittylicious
Now Selling Bitcoin Made Easy by Bittylicious

Sending Bitcoin has become easy for users as Bittylicious says that it is looking for people that want to sell coins on the Bittylicious platform in both The United Kingdom and abroad. The company in an announcement says any user can apply if he has a bank account that can accept quick bank transfers online.

Additionally, the user must also have Bitcoin/other virtual currencies to sell and has a genuine interest in Bitcoin. So far, Bittylicious has been a provider of services for purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The latest decision to help out the users willing to sell their Bitcoin with the help of excellent user-friendly platform is going to establish it a reliable entity.

A source from the company says that Bittylicious is now the simplest service to use when selling Bitcoin to brokers on the Bittylicious platform comes to mind. According to him users simply need to choose how much to sell and send the Bitcoin to an address by clicking or typing it in, or scanning a QR code.

He also says that Bittylicious waits for approximately 30 minutes for the transaction to be suitably confirmed and the money is sent to the user shortly afterwards. Any customer with a UK bank account and online banking fully set up as well as with an ability to pay using Faster Payments can access the services.

However, there is limit for maximum and minimum purchase. For instance, minimum purchase is 0.01 BTC and maximum purchase is 18.07 BTC. The users who have a Visa or MasterCard that is 3D Secure enabled and in their name and credit card payments are only available in Euros at present; Sterling payments will be available in a few weeks.

The Company Expanding Its Reach Expanding the Services

The press release from Bittylicious says that the entire process is outlined in a new step-by-step guide available on the Bittylicious help pages. The release informs that technically, cryptocurrencies are bought by brokers on the Bittylicious platform, which is how this service usually works in the UK.

However, according to the latest press note this enables a competitive marketplace to be formed as brokers compete for the user’s business. It further adds that as this new functionality becomes used more regularly, Bittylicious expects that competition will increase and prices will start to approach the ‘Buy’ price.

Nonetheless, the decision according to the company is based on its goal to open up this functionality to other cryptocurrencies as well as other payment methods.

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Additionally, the user must also have Bitcoin/other virtual currencies to sell and has […]

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