Russell Brand: The Terror Of How Banks Use Our Money

By January 2, 2015Bitcoin Business

Actor turned activist Russell Brand wants the world to know what banks are really doing with your money.  From financing terrorism to lobbying for laws that significantly reduce your rights, Brand gives his explanation for how big banks work today.  In short, banks rule the world and there is very little you/we can do to stop them according to Brand.  Brand posted this video on his youtube channel TREWS recently.

What does this mean for those into Bitcoins?  According to Brand and his guest, crypto-currencies like the bitcoin, are a way to side step the banks and their hold on your cash.  The assert that once your money is in the bank its not legally yours anymore.  Banks have manipulated laws to the point that now your deposits are subordinate to other debts/rights/instruments the banks have; meaning that if the bank fails everyone gets paid before you get your money back.

Brand does have a point and his information is worth at least taking a look at.  See the complete video below and you be the judge.

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