NewsBTC Conversations: The Altcoin Guys Speaks about their Cryptocurrency Development Services

By January 12, 2015Bitcoin Entertainment
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NewsBTC Conversations: The Altcoin Guys Speaks about their Cryptocurrency Development Services

The Altcoin Guys was launched with an aim to provide cryptocurrency industry with dedicated team of developers for their respective projects. The approach is indeed unique, especially in times when companies are facing a series of delays in development roadmap. We interviewed The Altcoin Guys team to know how they are hoping to improve the cryptocurrency development procedures. Here is the Q&A round:

Q) First of all, tell us a little bit about what The Altcoin Guys is all about?

Q) The bitcoin space is growing fast, where do you see The Altcoin Guys fitting into the overall infrastructure?

A) We see ourselves as enablers of the Bitcoin technology. An entrepreneur or just someone with an idea can come to us with no technical knowledge and we can get them started on their own Bitcoin/cryptocurrency related project.

Q) Is there anybody at the company that our users may be interested to hear are involved?

A) No we don’t have anybody that is Bitcoin famous.

Q) How does the technology work?

A) Well our services evolve around making altcoins with the use of Bitcoin and similar source codes + a range of other software. Nearly all the software we use is open source and anybody with a keen eye will be able to spot what technologies we are using and investigate the source code to gain a better understanding of how everything works.

Q) Where do you see bitcoin in 10 years – first in terms of value and second in terms of where it will fit into both online and off-line commerce?

A) Bitcoin in 10 years… my personal opinion. 10 years from now I’m not completely sure Bitcoin will be the primary currency of the planet. I think Bitcoin opened a technical haven and has attracted great investment but still has some issues which any sane person should appreciate. However, I am certain that within 10 or 20 years a cryptocurrency will be used by the entire population of this planet.

Offline and online commerce, I don’t see much of a difference regarding adoption of cryptocurrencies. I think both have the tools to start accepting bitcoin and many altcoins. However, online websites will naturally take the forefront in accepting cryptocurrencies compared to offline simply because online webmasters are often more tech savvy then their offline counterparts.

Q) What, as bitcoin enthusiasts, should we be doing to get ourselves prepared for this future you speak of?

A) We should still hold Bitcoin as it’s currently they major cryptocurrency offering but it’s important to identify legitimate and advanced altcoin offerings and invest accordingly, as one day they may over take Bitcoin both in price and market-cap.

I would say advertise Bitcoin and altcoins in general. Try getting your local shop accepting them, tell them of the benefits and most importantly, educate, educate.

Q) How can our users find out more about your company/technology/service?

Readers can see our details regarding our services, contact details and prices here:

Q) First of all, tell us a little bit about what […]

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