Moonbit Faucets Offers 50% Extra For Xapo Wallet Users

By January 13, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Moonbit Faucets Offers 50% Extra For Xapo Wallet Users

Every Bitcoin user at one point or another tries out the faucets. Some love the faucets, while others move on. No matter which category you are in, choosing the right faucet makes a lot of difference. May I recommend — Why? There is a good reason for it, read on.

Bitcoin Faucets MoonbitBitcoin Faucets Moonbit

Also, please do create an online wallet with, while you are at it. As the title suggests, if you want to take advantage of the offer, you need a Xapo wallet account. We covered Xapo, way back in July 2014, in an article. Xapo is a service that is doing really well in the market. Good for them and for us, the users!

For those among us who are new to Faucets; Faucets are simple websites that give out satoshis (Basic units of Bitcoins) for the time spent on their websites. There are many different models of Faucets for various cryptocurrencies spread across the Internet. Most faucets are a pain, but some faucets are awesome, fun and truthful to their claims.

The Faucet models range from giving out Satoshis for the time spent on websites, for completing surveys, for watching adds, for filling in captchas, for feeding the zebra (yes, you read that right!), rolling the dices and much more, only limited by your imagination. There are even casino/gambling style faucets.

Moonbit & MoonDoge Faucets, explained. 
What is Moonbit faucets?What is Moonbit faucets? is the ‘gentleman’ of all the faucets. Moonbit faucet fills up with satoshis, fast at the start and gets slower as time progresses. This is their way to keep you glued to their site, as most of their revenue comes from the generously flashing ads on and

Moonbit Xapo Wallet 50% offer for Moonbit FaucetsMoonbit Offer

How Do You Get Paid?

Using Xapo Wallet with is a great idea. The image below shows w

Moonbit Faucets Average Payout
Moonbit Faucets Average Payout

hy. By using Xapo account as your login, you can make 50% extra on all your Bitcoin earnings on Moonbit faucets.

In our testing of the MoonBit faucet, we could make about 1500-2000 satoshis everyday, with a disciplined visit to the website, two times a day. Discipline helps!

Extra: MoonDoge Coin Faucets.

MoonDoge Faucets Screenshot
MoonDoge Faucets Screenshot

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