DatSyn News – SilentVault’s Anonymous Bitcoin Multi-Asset Wallet & Exchange Welcomes Seamus O’Pearse

By January 14, 2015Bitcoin Politics
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SilentVault’s anonymous peer-to-peer, multi-asset Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform uses sophisticated technology to enable anonymous communication and secure off-blockchain transactions for Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company is now announcing a change in personnel with the the transition of SilentVault founder Sean Daley who is leaving his position as Operations Lead to take the role of the company's general counsel (non-practising). Law and business expert Seamus O'Pearse will take over the Operations role as of 1 January 2015 maintaining the uncompromising professionalism and commitment to privacy associated with SilentVault.

New Operations Lead Seamus O'Pearse is an attorney experienced in alternative online payment systems with 15 years of experience in digital currency businesses. Seamus was one of the earliest legal adopters of digital gold currency and has now embraced Bitcoin and its fast-evolving, censorship-resistant descendants. One of Seamus's favourite quotes is from a poem of rebellion by freedom-fighter Patrick Henry Pearse (Pádraic Mac Piarais).

"Did ye think to conquer the people, or that Law is stronger than life and than men's desire to be free?" - See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/1...

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