Mango Coinz let you do “Mobile Mining” on your Smartphone

By January 17, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Mango Coinz let you do “Mobile Mining” on your Smartphone

Ok, so maybe the whole Bitcoin mining thing didn’t work out. Maybe you are a day late, and a dollar short to play with the big boys in 2015. Maybe you need just one more shot to strike it rich in digital currency. If you don’t have a supercomputer that takes up an entire bedroom, it’s probably time for Plan B. That plan might include the newest digital currency called MangoCoinz.

“What’s that?” you might ask? MangoCoinz is a new digital currency that lets you mine on your smartphone, so no mega-servers are required. It can be done away from home as well, or anywhere you can take your smartphone. This was created as an experiment for computer science last year, and the way, MangoCoinz are made, is with the actual motion of energy. As you and your Android smartphone move, you can create MangoCoinz while jogging, walking, or commuting. A new way to use your smartphone when you are not really using your smartphone. Here is more information on how MangoCoinz works, and why it may be right for you, if you are ready to become a mobile miner.

How does it work technically? Is it proof-of-work or proof-of-stake? How is it verified and work with Blockchain technology, or does it work through a separate protocol?

It has nothing to do with Bitcoin, all of the technology included in this coin is made by our dev team.

Has it reached the exchanges yet, and can you go over the process of getting your new altcoin approved for online exchanges. How does that work?

It has reached exchanges, currently on two exchanges right now ( and Exchanges can use our API to achieve full integration of MangoCoinz into their systems. This also works for other app developers that want to use MangoCoinz as a payment system in their products.

It seems to be Android-ready currently. Does it work with Apple’s iOS yet, and when will that happen?

It is Android-ready, but we will always keep developing new things and optimizing the existing system. We will start expanding into the iOS market, we already have plenty of people asking for this to hit the iPhone, but we currently lack proper financial means to do so.

Who is your target demographic for this new coin?

First we wanted to gather enough people who are well educated in the cryptocurrency world, just to see if something fresh like this can stick around for long enough, and we can say that it went pretty well. When thinking about how easy it is to start mining and using MangoCoinz, the next step for us would be to target the fitness industry. Give people that extra push for a run by rewarding them with money.

The system will be made 100% user friendly, meaning that in order to sell their coins, users only need to click a single button and our system will do the rest. We will also re-brand the coin and change the logo to make it more fitness-like.

What are your goals for Mango Coinz by the end of 2015. What is your vision for Mango Coinz over the next year or two?

Our vision for MangoCoinz is a cryptocurrency gone viral, a unique reward system for fitness lovers, but there is always room for innovative ideas on MangoCoinz usage.

New features like a Blockchain viewer and a rich username viewer are coming soon. An official MangoCoinz intro thread on is also scheduled for this month. Production is capped at 16.75 million MangoCoins, over 4 million less than Bitcoin. The MangoCoinz App for Android can now be downloaded for free from Google Play.

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