Zebpay Launches the World’s Simplest Bitcoin Mobile Wallet App

By January 20, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Zebpay Launches the World’s Simplest Bitcoin Mobile Wallet App

Zebpay App, the world’s simplest Bitcoin mobile wallet has been launched by Zebpay, a company that was voted as number one at CoinAgenda 2014, Las Vegas. The announcement from the company has come when the digital currency is facing huge challenge in terms of depreciating value. Whereas it was trading above $1200 in October 2013, it is below $300 now.

The company says that so far there have been a lot of issues with Bitcoin users as they face a lot of issues explaining their friends and families about the digital currencies; however, with the world’s simplest Bitcoin mobile wallet, it will become easy for them. The latest app will help those who are not techies but still want to start sending and receiving Bitcoin.

Zebpay claims that it is the world’s first Bitcoin mobile wallet targeted at everyone, not just geeks. Therefore, all those even the ones who are using popular instant messaging apps, can now be able to send and receive Bitcoin with ease. The company explains that once users download the app, they can simply send and receive Bitcoin from the contact list.

In the public statement Zebpay says that the app is now available for download on Android phones. The company promises to bring the iPhone version shortly. Nonetheless, early adopters who download Zebpay app will get Bitcoin worth $1 for free. Also, each user who invites his friends will also get Bitcoin worth up to $5 free.

Zebpay Makes Sending and Receiving Bitcoin as easy as Instant Messaging

Zebpay says that upcoming features will further help the users as they will help them buy shopping vouchers and airtime, social features like send a coffee or a drink to their friend and buy and sell Bitcoin from within the app. The company says that it believes that Bitcoin will transform the way people exchange value.

The official communication from Zebpay says that the backend technology powering Bitcoin is now proven over the last few years. However, according to it Bitcoin is still waiting for its user interface moment and once regular people will be able to use it for everyday use, it will further expand to new regions and segments.

Currently, to buy, send, receive and store Bitcoin still complicated and scary; however, with Zebpay, it’s as easy as instant messaging. As the company is building a product based on the core principles like user privacy, transparency, enhanced security, legal and regulatory compliances, etc. customers will have fantastic experience with it.

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The company says that so far there have been a lot of issues with […]

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