Can Bitcoin-Inspired Namecoin .Bit Sites lead to another Deep Web or Dark Net?

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Can Bitcoin-Inspired Namecoin .Bit Sites lead to another Deep Web or Dark Net?
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Namecoins are making a niche for themselves on the Internet with the .bit Top Level Domains. At the time of writing, there are more than thousands of registered .bit addresses. However, to use a Namecoin powered .bit domain name, one needs to be a Namecoin wallet holder. Also, currently only a few browser extensions/plugins, which you could get from or sites like, can be used to access the .bit domain sites right from your default browser like Chrome or Firefox.

The Internet of the Common people is different from that of the Internet of the technologically advanced. The Internet of the Technically advanced, is different from the Internet of the ethically adventurous.

Whichever category you belong to, if you wish to have a .bit domain name,  there are links at the bottom of this post. Else to hear the opinion, just read on.

Every now and then a new cryptocoin is born. From A-Z, chances are there is a cryptocoin whose name starts with the alphabet letter you have in mind; if not, there soon will be. We could teach alphabets to children solely using different coins.

There has always been a motive for creating a particular cryptocoin. There is a story, a vision and a purpose for the cryptocoin to be created. After all, every cryptocoin that ever was created is a complex peer-to-peer decentralised distributed computing project that is powered by nodes of volunteers. The one goal that has hardly changed is the emphasis on anonymity and de-centralised existence.

The Deep & Dark Web

The Web as we know it through search engines like Google is called the Surface Web. The surface web is just 3% of the entire 100% that we could potentially call The Web. We don’t even get to access the real Internet, because, quite frankly the real Internet is a risky, filthy and unclean place to visit. It is like the sketchy neighbourhoods with dim lit surroundings. For all we know, it might be a safe place to go, but certainly evokes a sense of fear in the visitor.

If Deep Web was a shady place in itself — Enter The Dark Net — the part of the Web where everyone is anonymous. It is like a shady neighbourhood, but with zombies. Could be an exaggeration, but atleast true in some-to-most cases.

Why is the Deep Web Filthy?

Let’s rather answer a more fundamental question. In our houses, why are the store rooms and closets filthy? It is simply because we don’t go in there that often, isn’t it? Nor is the store room, the place where our beloved tube Television resides. It is no wonder that store rooms and closets are unclean. Along the same lines, our dear Deep Web Internet is not an oft-visited area.

The Deep web was not meant to be unclean; the surface web made it so. The Deep Internet can be accessed using TOR — The Onion Routers, I2P and other such privacy network access tools. Think of the Onion Routers as a special purpose boat that takes you from the island called Surface Web, to the mainland called the Deep Web.

To give you a sense of what the Deep Internet is composed of, or capable of — I find this article by a new entrant into the Deep Web, very compelling to share.

The NameCoins — How to avoid the mistakes of the Deep Web?

It is certain that the cryptocurrencies will play a major role in redesigning the Internet as we know it today. Privacy Networks and Cryptocurrencies have a great deal of similarity. In principles and mission — anonymity, decentralised, distributed, and with a tinge of vanity, just to name a few.

To not commit the mistakes of the Deep Web, Namecoin powered .Bit TLD sites need to:

1. Become easier for the common people to access and embrace .Bit domain names.

2. It should get past from being a thing of the “early adopters,” “geeks” and the “technically adventurous,” to being a thing of the normal users for whom the Internet is about sending emails and chatting on Facebook.

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