Voting For The 8th Annual Crunchies Awards Closes Next Week

By January 23, 2015Bitcoin Business
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We need you to vote for the Crunchies. It’s important. Every year TechCrunch and VentureBeat join together to celebrate the best technology and startups of the previous year. But you, our dear readers, decide who wins. Vote below.

As last year’s host John Oliver noted so astutely, the Crunchies are “like the Nobel Prizes being given out, if Nobel Prizes were given out in an atmosphere of high-school bitchiness.”

In just two weeks we hope to carry on that tradition with a new host — Silicon Valley’s hilarious T.J. Miller — who will be there to help us highlight all the best startups, founders, apps, and technologies over the past year, and probably make fun of those who don’t end up winning.

Tickets are still available and start at $90. The evening is a blast. Dress up and come out and party with us on February 5th.

But first, spend five minutes and cast your vote.

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<strong>Best Technology Achievement</strong>
<a href=””>Apple Pay</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>The Blockchain</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
Rosetta Mission’s Comet Landing (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>SpaceX</a> Lateral Booster (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Stella Solar-Powered Car</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best On-Demand Service</strong>
<a href=””>Hotel Tonight</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Lyft</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Postmates</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Shyp</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Uber</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best E-Commerce Application</strong>
<a href=””>Casper</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Flipkart</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Honest Company</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Instacart</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Warby Parker</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Mobile Application</strong>
<a href=””>Acorns</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Storehouse</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Strava</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Venmo</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Yik Yak</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Fastest-Rising Startup</strong>
<a href=””>Lending Club</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Product Hunt</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Reddit</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Slack</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Yik Yak</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Health Startup</strong>
<a href=””>Fitbit</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Misfit Wearables</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Rise</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Theranos</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Zenefits</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Design</strong>
<a href=””>1Password</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Airbnb</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Manual Camera App</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Medium</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Monument Valley</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Bootstrapped Startup</strong>
Daring Fireball (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Grammarly</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>MailChimp</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Meadow</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Techmeme</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Enterprise Startup</strong>
<a href=””>CloudFlare</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Docker</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>GitHub</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>OpenDNS</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Slack</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best International Startup</strong>
<a href=””>Citymapper</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>EyeEm</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Kik</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Line</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Spotify</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Education Startup</strong>
<a href=””>AltSchool</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>ClassDojo</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Coursera</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Kano</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Khan Academy</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Hardware Startup</strong>
<a href=””>DJI</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Fitbit</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>GoPro</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Oculus VR</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Xiaomi</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop</strong>
<a href=””>BuzzFeed</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Giphy</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Kim Kardashian: Hollywood</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Threes</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Twitch</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Biggest Social Impact</strong>
<a href=””>FireChat</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Girls Who Code</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””></a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Tim Cook’s Brick</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Twitter</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Angel of the Year</strong>
<a href=””>Cyan</a> and <a href=””>Scott</a> Banister (<a href=””>Related</a> <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Ashton Kutcher</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Alexis Ohanian</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>David Tisch</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Kickstarter</a> Backers of <a href=””>Oculus VR</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>VC of the Year</strong>
<a href=””>Marc Andreessen</a> &amp; <a href=””>Ben Horowitz</a> (Andreessen Horowitz) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Peter Fenton </a>(Benchmark) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Jim Goetz</a> (Sequoia Capital) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Aileen Lee</a> (Cowboy Ventures) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Peter Thiel</a> (Founders Fund) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Founder of the Year</strong>
<a href=””>Stewart Butterfield</a>, <a href=””>Eric Costello</a>, <a href=””>Cal Henderson</a>  and <a href=””>Serguei Mourachov</a> (Slack) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>John</a> and <a href=””>Patrick Collison</a> (Stripe) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Elizabeth Holmes</a> (Theranos) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Brian Acton </a>and <a href=””>Jan Koum</a> (WhatsApp) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Mikkel Svane</a>, <a href=””>Alexander Aghassipour</a> and <a href=””>Morten Primdahl </a>(Zendesk) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>CEO of the Year</strong>
<a href=””>Marc Benioff</a> ( (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Tim Cook</a> (Apple) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Drew Houston</a> (Dropbox) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Travis Kalanick</a> (Uber) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Marissa Mayer</a> (Yahoo) (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best New Startup of 2014</strong>
<a href=””>Bellhops</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>OnePlus</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Product Hunt</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Shyp</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Slack</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

<strong>Best Overall Startup of 2014</strong>
<a href=””>GoPro</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Snapchat</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Stripe</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Tinder</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)
<a href=””>Uber</a> (Related <a href=””>posts</a>)

In just two weeks we hope to […]

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