Alpha 8 Released by Darkwallet, Brings Additional Features

By January 26, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Alpha 8 Released by Darkwallet, Brings Additional Features

Darkwallet, an open source Bitcoin wallet that provides a solid foundation of well designed asynchronous code for scalability, has now released Alpha 8. This makes it easier to transact with Bitcoin anonymously and real cash withdrawals into the wallet comfortable. The organization says that the new update will bring many improvements to the Darkwallet.

For instance with Alpha 8 the users will get experimental ATM tool/fast cash out module. Now on history will be cached on the wallet. Additionally, the users will get improved broadcaster feedback and overhauled general gateway status. The company informs that it brings unlimited storage for the plugin as well.

Darkwallet informs that Alpha 8 has compatibility fixes for ed25519 communications. Elaborating further the organization says the ATM Tool brings attractive features; the most popular new feature is the fast cash withdrawal module as it is expected to aid in the execution of a lot of strategies.

For instance, it will allow the users to own and hold their Bitcoin, not to hold them at exchanges, but in the user’s device. Similarly, users can now eliminate the speculation around the centralization of funds in such entities, as well as fraud and thefts and compete with traditional exchange houses.

Nonetheless, Alpha 8 has legal conditions without bindings. It has become a standard through open source so anyone can rapidly adapt to its decentralized technology. Regarding ‘Cached History’ the organization informs that the main advantage of a history cache in a Bitcoin wallet would be an increase in efficiency.

Transparency in the Transactions

According to the organization not only will the wallet be faster, there will also be finer control over unconfirmed transactions, and people will have tabs in which they can clear and rebroadcast unconfirmed transactions. It has also brought in ‘New Blockchain server’ which is a new version of the server is imminent after near a year of work.

According to Darkwallet this integrates the research and development of custom databases and a re-organization of the entire Cache Clearproject and code, so developers can better collaborate. Additionally, it says that it has also removed all OpenSSL code and reduced many external dependencies.

The organization says that the command line tool BX (formerly SX) now uses a framework for auto-generating code for sub-commands, which means easier and more consistent development. Nonetheless, it is the option for many Bitcoin users who are looking for increased security when they send Bitcoin to other people.

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For instance with Alpha 8 the users will get experimental ATM tool/fast cash out module. Now on history will be […]

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