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By February 1, 2015Bitcoin Business
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BitStash is a ultra secure bitcoin wallet
So, why BitStash?
BitStash is a global solution that is accessible to everyone, everywhere
No third parties between you & your Bitcoin - decreases chances of theft & seizure
No business continuity or asset freezing risks
Use from mobile, laptop & desktop devices via simple to use, awesome wallet applications
PLUS true cold storage - keep large balances in your safe deposit box
Multiple accounts possible - the whole family can use Bitcoin securely
Set account spending limits, mobile wallet limits & automatic balance management
BIP32 keys new address for each transaction assist in maintaining privacy
Full support for Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dogecoin with more cryptocurrencies in the future
Build a new BitStash anytime from Cold Storage keys & password

How easy is it to use?

Designed to be incredibly easy to use
Integrated BIP70 payment protocol support, makes spending Bitcoin as simple as online shopping
Mobile wallet for spending on the go - secures small balances, tops up from device wallet
Realtime balances displayed in over 100 Fiat currencies
Off blockchain notes & merchant information shared via BitStash™ with mobile & desktop apps
Simple to use Cold Storage. Multiple Cold Storage & backups can be made
Build a new BitStash™ anytime from your Cold Storage keys & password
Real Time balances displayed in over 100 Fiat currencies
Check out the screen shots to see for yourself


All keys generated in device, meaning device keys are never exposed to malware risks
Keys stored encrypted on the device with user password, PBKDF2 extended with 2k rounds
Keys derived from atmospheric noise, PBKDF2 extended with a PRNG seed on initial setup
Hardened bluetooth protocol prevents message capture & replay
Combination of message signing & rolling codes ensure message authenticity
Only paired & authenticated devices can successfully send messages
Additional AES message encryption with Diffie-Hillman Key Agreement
Transaction signing takes place in the device
Hardened USB circuitry, inoculated by design from BadUSB malware.
Physical anti tamper & self-destruct circuitry, rebuild from cold storage backup
Designed to meet FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification.

What about Malware on the client computer?

Unique 'COLOR CAPTCHA' using BitStash™ color LEDs used in desktop only device mode
2 Factor authentication enabled with second, physically present, registered mobile device
IOS8 Touch ID support, use fingerprint identification on compatible iPhones in mobile & 2factor transactions
No reliance on sms infrastructure, 2 factor authentication for everyone
Configurable auto sleep on three invalid attempts
Configurable auto destruct on N invalid attempts, build a new BitStash from Cold Storage keys & password

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