C.A.T Cryptsy automatic trader BOT Bitcoin , Litecoin and all cryptocurrency trading software

By February 17, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Need help ordering C.A.T? email Review@bitcoinsniper.com
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C.A.T Cryptsy automatic trader BOT Bitcoin , Litecoin and all cryptocurrency trading software
C.A.T. F.A.Q.
What is C.A.T.?
C.A.T. is a "partial automatic-trader" written using cryptsy API + Java Code Desktop Application
I use the word "Partial" because there's an automated process that works on data choosen by user. Each process can have different rules.What i need to run C.A.T. ?
C.A.T. works on Linux/Windows/Mac with Java 7Gain is guaranteed?
When a Ping-Pong Order is Completed, there's a Mathematical Gain. But don't forget : other markets factor can decrease your portfolio value, the first one is the market devaluation of currencies.How Much Gain?
It always depends by the markets you choose, the parameter you set, and the first "user orders" you create.A large amount of this programs runnings, can create conflict each other?
Each program run with users options, so my Market Process can be more different from Your.
Need help ordering C.A.T? email Review@bitcoinsniper.com
- 0.90 BTC Full Price
- 0.85 BTC If you set My Rererral Code on your Cryptsy Account
For Any Doubt/Offer PM meAfter Purchasing :
- Activate API On Cryptsy bit.ly/19hASh8 in the API Keys
- Check Enable API : under Your API Keys there will be 2 keys : one is the private key, and the other is the Public Key.

- After Purchase All next C.A.T. release will be free
- Your C.A.T. copy is personal and related to your Crypty Public Key so Do Not Change Your API Key or you won't be able to use C.A.T.
- Refund is not possibile C.A.T. is not an hardware
- Support is given on the latest C.A.T. Release
- I Am Not Responsible about Cryptsy problems or bad Api Response
- If you buy a Copy from another C.A.T. user i'm not responsible about any kind of problems (i will only change nickname "olduser"-"ne­wUser" in my User List
- If you try to scam me/other people or you will try to ruin my reputation i will report you and i will remove your key from next CAT release.

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