Watch Out the Trailer of Deep Web — A Feature Documentary on Silk Road

By February 21, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Watch Out the Trailer of Deep Web — A Feature Documentary on Silk Road

Premium entertainment channel EPIX recently released a new teaser of Deep Web — a upcoming feature documentary based on the demised underground drug marketplace Silk Road.

Ross Ulbricht Portrait Silk RoadRoss Ulbricht Portrait Silk Road

In its roughly 1 minuted 28 seconds runtime, the teaser gives viewers a plenty of insightful details to crave for, including the never-seen-before footages of Silk Road’s alleged creator — and now convicted — Ross Ulbricht. In first few moments of the trailer, many questions are thrown at our faces related to Ross’s unlawful identity of Dead Pirate Roberts — Silk Road’s caretaker and creator.

“Plenty of evidence suggests that he was involved with Silk Road,” a Wired-fame technology reporter Andy Greenberg says. “They seized his laptop when he was still logged in.”

“But when I interview Dead Pirate Roberts, the first thing he told me was that there is more than one Dead Pirate Roberts,” he adds. A monstrous voice followed by the Greenberg’s interview clip further claims that there are at least three operators of Dead Pirate Roberts.

While maintaining the blood-tingling atmosphere, the Deep Web’s trailer meanwhile allows us to see the personal standpoints of people who knew Ross closely. We see his victimized parents standing up to the rights of their son and the digital world on whole. A montage segment of interviews also takes the documentary’s pulse on another level.

“The feature-length documentary,” reads the EPIX press release, “explores the inside story of the investigation and unveils how the brightest minds and thought leaders behind the Deep Web and Bitcoin are now caught in the crosshairs of the battle for control of a future inextricably linked to technology. The film also brings into question an individual’s rights to Internet Freedom.”

Deep Web will be premiered on World Television during Spring 2015.

YouTube Video Preview
YouTube Video Preview

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