ICON and Partner Coinprism Launch AUREALS™, Utilizing Gold as Numeraire

By March 5, 2015Bitcoin Business
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ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA (ICON: G4 - GXG Markets, London) a financial software company  is launching AUREALS™ as a decentralized, digital method of exchanging value. Each encrypted AUREAL™ is denominated as a one gram weight and measure of physical gold, creating a secure and discrete exchange of value utilizing the most trusted store of value for 6000 years." 

ICON CEO J. Bradley Hall announced "The  countdown to launch of AUREALS™  which represent an historic breakthrough in applied mathematics and cryptography has begun. We have been working closely with development partner  COINPRISM and are now ready to offer what some objective observers have dubbed the new Gold Standard of crypto currencies. If you think about the implications of that for a moment, you may understand how this may represent a profound shift in the way the people create, trade and store wealth."

Speaking today from the Inside Bitcoin Berlin conference, Coinprism Founder Flavien Charlon stated, "The Open Asset Protocol that Coinprism is built on allows issuers to offer virtually any asset that can be registered and traded on the Blockchain. One of the reasons we are excited to work with Brad and his team at ICON is that they came at this with a clear vision and business model that utilizes the Blockchain for decentralizing the trading of precious metals."

Mr. Hall agrees with Microsoft Founder Mr. Bill Gates, who commented, "There's a lot that bitcoin can do to make moving money between countries easier and getting fees down pretty dramatically but bitcoin won't be the dominant system. We need things that draw on the revolution of bitcoin but bitcoin alone is not good enough." Hall added "We agree that bitcoin tokens are like a claim check with nothing to claim and if you think about it Federal Reserve Notes represent IOU's that promise nothing. With AUREALS™ we are utilizing a store of value that has thrived for 6000 years and simply removing inherent friction in the way it is traded and stored."

ICON COO, Mr. John Gainor commented, "We often hear from early adopters of the bitcoin tokens, you know the ones who were hit by lightening and think they invented electricity, that bitcoins are the new gold. Those comments are either disingenuous or made by people who have no understanding of history. We tend to agree with the leaders in finance like Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the worlds largest hedge fund" who in discussing gold stated "There's no sensible reason not to have some.  If you're going to own a currency, it's not sensible not to own gold.  Now it depends on the amount of gold.  But if you don't own, I don't know 10%, if you don't have that then there's no sensible reason other than you don't know history and you don't know the economics of it."

Mr. Hall added, "In launching ICON and now preparing for the exciting launch of AUREALS™ it is important to understand that our perspective is that of pragmatic businessmen who share a deep understanding of finance, technology and history. We are not crypto anarchists or even gold bugs but we are hypersensitive to the systemic threats that exist and what may be coming next. You need to look no further than the Former Fed Chairman Mr. Alan Greenspan, who shared his understanding of the role gold plays when being interviewed at the Council on Foreign Relations recently " Gold is a currency. It is still by all evidences the premier currency where no fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it. And so the issue is, if you're looking at a question of turmoil, you will find, as we always have in the past, it moves into the gold price. It's also got a monetary characteristic which is intrinsic, it's not inbred into human beings-I cannot conceiveof any mechanism by which you could say that, but it behaves as though it is."

In closing Mr. Hall stated, "If any of this resonates, then allocating 10% of your USD$, EURO, GBp, Yen, RMb or even bitcoin token portfolio to AUREALS™ may provide the insurance you need in any coming downturn."

About Coinprism:

Founded by ex-Microsoft engineer Flavien Charlon, Coinprism is the first web-based colored coins wallet, allowing users to transact with any type of asset using the Bitcoin Blockchain. Coinprism was founded in Ireland in 2014 and is backed by Adam Draper's BoostVC.




ICON (ICON: G4 - GXG Markets London) is a financial software company led by a management team with international finance, risk management, digital cryptography, governance and gold trading experience. ICON is launching AUREALS™ as a decentralized, digital method of exchanging value. Each AUREAL™ is denominated as a one gram weight and measure of physical gold, creating the most trusted exchange of value utilizing the most trusted store of value for 6000 years. AUREALS™ represent an historic breakthrough in applied mathematics and cryptography. They are sophisticated, proprietary DIGITAL BEARER BONDS™ built on the open source, ledger book protocols called the block chain that have been battle tested for 6 years. Creators and custodians of significant wealth can seamlessly transfer value into AUREALS™, which can be securely and discreetly transferred anywhere in the world, in seconds. The AUREALS™ denominated as a 1 gram weight and measure of gold, can be held as a store of value or exchanged for any other asset of value including currencies or allocated physical gold, which is stored in non-bank vaults in free zones around the world including, but not limited to, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Switzerland.

For further information you are invited to contact ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA:

J. Bradley Hall
Chief Executive Officer

Flavien Charlon

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