Unobtanium: Can We Consider It a “Stable” Cryptocurrency?

By March 8, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Unobtanium: Can We Consider It a “Stable” Cryptocurrency?

There is a chance that you may have never heard of Unobtanium, and other 500-something  cryptocurrencies that seems to have been jammed in between each other. But to tell you about a cryptocurrency that has been in existence since 2013 and is being trending sideways with minimal price fluctuations, Unobtanium might be something every cryptocurrency trader should know about.

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Let’s try judging the mysterious altcoins by its “trading” cover. It opened to trading bazaar on December 21st 2013 with a market cap around $5.37 million, while valued near 0.0082 BTC. After a few initial hiccoughs (one including a pump and dump with peak near 0.0374 BTC), Unobtanium finally seemed to have found an overlong stability between 0.0025 and 0.0095 BTC. In past few days, the cryptocurrency seems to have picked some trade flirtations after all, with its market cap and price showing a long-awaited uptrend and consecutive correction.

No Premine, No IPO, No Nonsense

As the market continues to hedge their Bitcoin trades somewhere, we at try to look at every possible cryptocurrency that could play an alternative to Litecoin, Dogecoin (or to coins that have the maximum XXX-to-BTC daily trade volume). The reason we are picking Unobtanium out of a forgettable lot is simply because this cryptocurrency seems to be no less than those who are on the top charts.

“There was no pre-mine not even a single block, and no IPO,” Unobtanium’s introductory post and followers preach. “There is no POS inflation to erode your stake. The launch was an undisputed fair start, with low rewards of .001 Un the first 2000 blocks to give all miners a fair shot. Unobtanium’s blockchain (aka “The Rockchain”) has been consistently mined at high difficulty since it’s launch.”

And by noticing the sustainability of this cryptocurrency, we can at least be sure that its not in to sell some malicious scheme but to be utilized to its best. It is currently being traded at Cryptsy, MintPal, Allcrypt, Coins-e, Comkort and several other exchanges. Popular exchange service ShapeShift has also integrated Unobtanium to its services.

As its adoption picks up, we would receive a bigger picture of its stability in future. For now, Unobtanium seems to one hell of a trade-worthy cryptocurrency.

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