Provably fair Bitcoin casinos – have you found yours yet?

By March 11, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Provably fair Bitcoin casinos – have you found yours yet?

Has it ever happened to you that after having a bad streak playing in a certain online casino you started suspecting the website in gulling you? If yes, you probably were questioning whether there is any method or possibility at all to make sure your casino provides fair gambling. The chances are minimal, or even non-existent, if you’ve been gambling in a real-money casino (using fiat currencies to make payments), but the case is completely different with Bitcoin casinos offering provably fair gambling to their players. If you’ve been playing in one of the latter (not all Bitcoin casinos are provably fair), then we have really good news for you.

By the way, if you still think your old-school online gambling portal is fully secure and reliable, you a very likely to reshape your opinion after trying online games in Bitcoin casinos, especially the ones providing fairness provability option. The new possibilities they provide might enhance your gambling experience, and raise your credibility substantially by guaranteeing you absolute fairness of outcomes in virtual Dice, Roulette, Blackjack and several other games.

Yes, provably fair gambling is all about outcomes, or, more precisely, it is a built-in tool that enables players to ensure the outcomes of certain games they choose to play are calculated using random numbers and cannot be interfered with by any of the parties (including the players themselves). As a result, both the player and the provably fair Bitcoin casinos can bilaterally trust each other, putting cheating out of the question.

It is quite easy for almost everyone to understand the technical side of provably fair mechanisms, as they are based on logic and rationality. Every time you make an input (any click or command) in a game, it is digitized and turned into data. This data is then modified with the help of cryptographic algorithms into sequences of alphabetic-numeric symbols, otherwise called hash strings.

Hash is the key element in providing fair probability, and it should be known to you that although Bitcoin casinos and gambling websites use various methods and algorithms to enable you to verify that outcomes in their games are generated fairly, any of such provably fair websites is in theory still more trustworthy and cheat-proof than any of the real-money online casinos. However, if you are still willing to make sure that a particular provably fair Bitcoin gambling website is “provably fair” enough, there is a simple yet a bit time-consuming method to do that. The first thing you should do is copy and save into a file the daily hash that the bitcoin casino always publishes the day after (i.e. find and copy yesterday’s daily hash data). Then, find the seed data of the casino’s server – it should also be made available to any player (if not, you may begin to hesitate whether this portal is as reliable as they want others to think of them). Compare the hash with the seed, and, if there is a match, you have made a wise choice.

Today, Bitcoin casinos enabling their players to prove their fairness, serve a good service to both gamblers and themselves, and now there is a good opportunity for you to gamble on Bitcoin websites really worth trusting your funds to.

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