What is provably fair gambling?

By March 11, 2015Bitcoin Business
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You may be considering yourself an auspicious online casino player, but when occasionally it happens so that you find yourself to be in a run of ill gambling luck, you may eventually end up suspecting the casino or betting website you play on in hoodwinking you. Is there a possibility for you to check whether they are trustworthy enough?

The answer is ‘yes’, but only as far as it concerns Bitcoin gaming and betting portals. Unlike ‘traditional’ houses that just don’t have that option as they are offering only real-money (EUR, USD, GBP etc.) payments to their customers, many of the BTC casino operators have been smart and far-seeing enough to introduce provably fair gambling mechanisms on their websites. Leaping ahead, we find it worth mentioning that if gambling security and betting website trustworthiness are of great importance to you, and your good old casino seems to be losing credit, you should definitely consider switching to Bitcoin gambling websites offering the possibility for any player to easily prove the fairness of the games they offer.

But what is provably fair gambling and what’s it all about? Essentially, it is an algorithm-based tool that enables any of the two parties – the player and the casino – to verify the unpredictability of a generic outcome of certain games, like dice, roulette, blackjack etc., and thus make both yourself and the casino protected from cheat. In other words, there are special cryptographic algorithm used in the provably fair mechanism that are responsible for randomising the digital part of the game outcomes and prevent any kind of external intervention with a view to manipulate the winning combination.

The underlying principle of provably fair mechanism is rather simple and fairly logical. It lies in the verification of cryptographic hash strings, or numerical-alphabetical sequences (that game data is turned into in the process), with the help of one of the algorithms used. Any time there is an outside intervention in the gaming activity, or an error in the payout transaction, hash verification process is automatically terminated.

Basically, there are at least several ways to prove a casino’s fairness using the hash generated during the gaming process, but every single provably fair gambling website uses their own methods and mechanisms to ensure the outcome randomness and game impartiality. Still, this means such websites can be much more trusted than their real-money counterparts that we have already mentioned above, as players choosing them are able to assure themselves of such websites’ credibility, and, consequently, keep trusting their Bitcoin funds to operators they find trustworthy enough.

If you’ve been looking for a simple method to verify the fairness of the outcomes of a certain game offered by a provably fair Bitcoin casino, you may try copying the hash data of the previous day (read more about bitcoin hashing algorithm here) into a file or a notebook, and comparing it with the server’s seed that your gambling operator should also provide. If they match, your Bitcoin casino can be trusted.

Now you know there is at least one more possibility for you to avoid unfair online gambling websites and make your gaming cheat-free.

The answer is ‘yes’, but only as far as it concerns Bitcoin gaming and betting portals. […]

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