New App Lets You Earn Bitcoin while Breaking Sweats

By March 15, 2015Bitcoin Business
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New App Lets You Earn Bitcoin while Breaking Sweats

Austin-based technology firm Chaotic Moon Studios recently launched a next generation fitness application that lets users earn Bitcoin while exercising.

New App Lets You Earn Bitcoin while breaking sweatNew App Lets You Earn Bitcoin while breaking sweat

The bribe-for-sweat iOS app, titled FitCoin, requires users to sync-in a fitness tracker for recording heart rate and length of the workout session. It then converts the collected statistics to a CPU time on a Bitcoin mining rig; therefore deciding how much Bitcoin a user should earn after a regular exercising session.

FitCoin’s designer Grant Nicol demonstrated the application’s functionality by running three minutes and forty seconds on a treadmill, his heart pounding at 115 beats per minute. After relieving himself of the sweat in an aforesaid time, he managed to pull out 5 cents worth Bitcoin. The demonstration however was internal, as the Bitcoin reward directly came from the Chaotic Moon’s personal wallet. The company however is hoping to come out from their alpha stage after further rigorous testing “exercises.”

Nonetheless, the FitCoin’s team is already envisioning to utilize their innovative source code into popular sport merchandise brands. Chaotic Moon’s Director of Marketing Chad Derbyshire elaborated such a possibility to Yahoo Tech, while referring Adidas as a brand that could, in future, offer sports merchandise specifically to Bitcoin, FitCoin, or AdidasCoin users.

Jon Werner, an Innovation Explorer at Adidas, welcomed such futuristic integrations while reminding their active involvement in “providing sports and fitness coaching apps and monitoring devices since the emergence of wearable sensor technology.”

“One of the biggest challenges in the space is finding ways to keep consumers engaged,” he added. “We are excited to see how cryptocurrency [Bitcoin] can motivate people to make their exercise and fitness routines a long term habit.”

In the end, it is wonderful to notice Bitcoin consecutively attaining assiduities of different sectors. The digital currency is surely being utilized by right companies, and for the right projects. No wonder the future belongs to decentralization, where even an athlete can earn his own reward without relying much on the authorities.

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