A Few Interesting Facts About Coinbase Bitcoin Platform

By March 29, 2015Bitcoin Business
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A Few Interesting Facts About Coinbase Bitcoin Platform

Bitcoin, at the present time, is known as the easiest and most popular online payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year of 2008. In 2009, it was initially released as an open source software. The facilities and features provided by Bitcoin – the digital currency transfer system has made it very much user friendly. Another name of Bitcoin is cryptocurrency and the biggest Bitcoin platform is Coinbase.

In recent days, many of the companies all around the globe have already started using this digital payment system because of its convenient and user-friendly options. With the passage of time, more facilities are being added to the Bitcoin platform. Many financial analysts have already stated that Bitcoin can be considered as the future of money in different aspects.

Here you will find some interesting Q&As which can lead you to know some interesting facts about Coinbase, currently the world’s largest Bitcoin platform:

Question: Do you think having businesses offer discounts for Bitcoin payments instead of credit card payments is a good if not the only way to interest the general public into adopting Bitcoin?

Answer: Merchants passing Bitcoin cost savings to consumers through discounts and Bitcoin specific loyalty programs are definitely a good way to get more mainstream users to use Bitcoin.

It’s not the only way though, and probably not the most effective way. I think the applications built that enable people to do things they couldn’t do before Bitcoin (micro-payments, cross-border payments, p2p lending, etc.) will be even more effective.

Question: Have you planned to launch outlets around the world, including third world countries?

Answer: Right now anyone in the world outside of the OFAC sanctioned countries can use Coinbase to securely store and use Bitcoin.

We also enable people to buy/sell Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency in 24 countries. We hope to enable that for many more in the coming months.

Have you taken part in the Q and A section yet? If yes, what are the highlights that attracted you most? You can feel free to share those with us.

In recent days, many of the companies […]

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