Betkurus Collaborates with CoinMatrix, Raises $670,000 Investment

By April 5, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Betkurus Collaborates with CoinMatrix, Raises $670,000 Investment

With the growing popularity of bitcoin, mainstream businesses, mostly online ones are integrating bitcoin as one of the options alongside fiat currencies for payments. However, in this particular instance it is happening the other way around. Betkurus, an online bitcoin gaming platform has enabled users to convert their bitcoin in real-time to pay in fiat for the games they wish to play (or for the bets they wish to wager).

Betkurus is part of Curacao based DigitalSport Entertainment N.V. Launched in the month of October last year to become one of the first few licensed bitcoin based gaming platforms. Betkurus offers a wide range of online games, including gambling games like blackjack, poker, roulette, binary options trading and even online sports book. Betkurus has now collaborated with CoinMatrix, a Hong Kong based payment solutions provider following an investment of $670,000 by the latter in Betkurus’ parent company DigitalSport Entertainment. This collaboration has enabled Betkurus to offer its users to convert BTCs to any fiat currency in real-time through CoinMatrix’s network and bet using the currency of their choice on the platform. Betting with bitcoin is still not a widely used practice among those who are used to wagering with their national fiat currency and also many casino deposits do not accept cryptocurrencies. Now, with CoinMatrix real-time conversion system powering Betkurus, gamers can play any game while maintaining their account balance in bitcoins and pay with fiat currency from the same account.

Betkurus – Digital Sport Entertainment – CoinMatrix Partnership

The DigitalSport Entertainment – CoinMatrix partnership has made Betkurus the first bitcoin based online gaming platform to offer this service. CoinMatrix’s investment also serves as an indicator of increased confidence in bitcoin’s influence on the digital gaming market, in line with the former Bitcoin Foundation’s director, Jon Matonis’s prediction. Betkurus currently offers over 20,000 betting events per month and will now be one of the top bitcoin based sports betting platforms.

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