TheArtBoard.EXCHANGE Accepting Bitcoin Now

By April 28, 2015Bitcoin Business
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TheArtBoard.EXCHANGE Accepting Bitcoin Now

TheArtBoard.EXCHANGE, the global exchange of art and culture that promotes and facilitates social engagement with art lovers, historians, collectors, institutions and Art Places worldwide, is now accepting Bitcoin. The announcement came as the company issued a press release regarding this wherein it says that to cater the Bitcoin users it is accepting the digital currency.

Bitcoin, a digital “crypto currency” that is mined in “cyber space,” is emerging as a popular payment solution for a lot of people around the world as there no transaction fees only a small processing fee. This reduces the transaction charges to great extent that helps customers a lot as they can save some amount that they would otherwise pay if use other payment services.

TheArtBoard.EXCHANGE has carved a niche for its sophisticated services. Now, it is inviting everybody to be a part of the Social Mobile ART movement by photographing, describing and mapping the location of Art Places of any and every kind, anywhere on Earth or the universe, for that matter.

The press release informs that like the global exchange of art and culture is in the hands of the people, Bitcoin too is in the hands of the people. No government has control over the creation or control of the digital currency; therefore, it was but natural for TheArtBoard.EXCHANGE to embrace Bitcoin and move ahead.

The organization enables people find art and culture, take a picture, write a description and put it on the global map.  They can create their free account and share their favorite art places with your friends, family and the world. Nonetheless, it also has excellent advertising and SMART SPONSORSHIP and public art exchange opportunities for public venues and businesses.

Bitcoin is serving the Purpose Well

Though registration and the listing of an Art Place is free and easy to do on any desktop or mobile device, the organization informs that all that is needed is a good eye for art and placement and the desire to share passion for art with friends, family and the world. For the charges Bitcoin is going to help the users save transaction fees to some extent.

Bitcoin is exchangeable for fiat currency in most of the countries; in fact, it is gaining global significance that is similar to the Internet itself. Therefore, it is not just matching of the features that TheArtBoard.EXCHANGE comes with but the purpose of the two matches as well. Bitcoin is not legal tender but also a collectable item.

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Bitcoin, a digital “crypto currency” that is mined in “cyber space,” is emerging as a popular payment solution for […]

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