The Bitcoin Community Pitches In for Nepal

By May 3, 2015Bitcoin Business
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The Bitcoin Community Pitches In for Nepal

The wrath of nature is unparalleled. Whenever there is a natural disaster, it leaves the whole country and even the world devastated. Be it volcanic eruptions, floods or earthquakes. The effect can be felt across the world. Unfortunately, last week Nepal became the target of nature’s fury when an earthquake measuring over 7.9 on the Richter scale shook the country.

The Nepal Earthquake & Bitcoin Community

The earthquake, epicentered near the capital city Kathmandu, and brought down everything in its surroundings. The tremblor and aftershocks that followed it has caused extensive damage to the buildings and monuments, both old and new alike, burying thousands of people in the process. The death toll is expected to reach 10,000. The earthquake also caused avalanches on the mountains surrounding the Himalayas, burying mountaineers and people living around it.

At this time of distress, almost every nation around the world has extended support to the victims, sending aid, relief supplies, medical teams and search and rescue personnel. When every nation and everyone is trying to do their bit to the poor souls, the Bitcoin community is not the one to be left behind. Multiple Bitcoin platforms are raising donations to help the earthquake victims of Nepal.

Some of the Bitcoin platforms involved in this effort include, igot, ChangeTip, BitPay and BitGive Foundation.


Igot, an international Bitcoin exchange headquartered in Australia has a presence in 6 different locations across the world. Igot has launched a dedicated website – to raise funds for the victims in Nepal. Bitcoin donated through this site is directed to Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund.


ChangeTip, the renowned Bitcoin tipping platform is appealing to the Bitcoin community to donate to the American Red Cross through twitter tipping. ChangeTip also encouraged its users to divert their tips to the same organization.


Save the Children is an international organization that is currently working towards providing humanitarian assistance in Nepal. The well-known Bitcoin payment processor BitPay is processing Bitcoin donations for this organization without charging any transaction fee.

BitGive Foundation

BitGive Foundation is raising funds for a mobile technology based healthcare organization called Medic Mobile. Medic Mobile, which also happens to have an office in Nepal is exploring ways to help local and international health workers using their technology.

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Donations made in Bitcoin reaches the recipient organizations almost immediately, providing them with readily available funds which they can use to procure and deliver humanitarian supplies.

The earthquake, epicentered near the capital city Kathmandu, […]

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