Voxelnauts Are Coming May 17!: Retro Ronin Is Using A Virtual World To Make The Real World Better

By May 4, 2015Bitcoin Business
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PITTSBURGH, May 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Retro Ronin, formerly known as MEK Entertainment, officially announced its first video game project today, Voxelnauts, a virtual-reality sandbox MMO inspired by the novel Ready Player One.  They will see their Kickstarter launch accompanied by an Oculus Rift tech demo at a party being held in an undisclosed Los Angeles location on May 17.

Voxelnauts is a game that will allow players to craft items, mine, explore, survive, colonize and create kingdoms.  Players will be able to team up on epic adventures, search for rare loot, and fight against a mysterious enemy known as The Void.  

Players will not only be able to participate in Voxelnauts, but they will be able to create their own planets, lore and games will operate in the Voxhalla universe all while maintaining and protecting their own intellectual property rights.

Virtual items and important resources will be managed using blockchain technology to eliminate the risk of duping.  Additional benefits include the ability to provide a secure and open marketplace for the transacting of virtual items, as well as transparency for an open game economy.

Voxhalla and Voxelnauts will be owned and operated by Retro Ronin.  Mark Kern has departed the company to pursue his own agenda.

Jon Olick, the chief architect and programmer of the Voxhalla platform and the Voxelnauts game, has been named Retro Ronin's first CEO.  

"We took the road less traveled by," Olick said, adding: "And that has made all the difference."

Jason Archinaco has been named as the company's first President while Daniel Mross, co-creator of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin film, will sit along with Olick and Archinaco on the company's board.  John Su will head the company's art division while Anthony Pesch will head its server architect division.

Su's Voxelnaut art style pays homage to retro gaming classics such as Mega Man Legends and Final Fantasy, without seeking to emulate either.  "There's a wealth of technique that the industry abandoned to the past; we're going to breathe some new life into it!"

Retro Ronin expects to have early versions of planet builder kits in developers' hands before the 2015 Holiday season, with full retail launch of Voxhalla and Voxelnauts before the 2016 Holiday season.  The game will operate on Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems, with future support for tablets and phones.

Barring any unforeseen delays, the Kickstarter should be live on May 17, offering exclusive virtual items that will not be offered again and will also make a special announcement at the Kickstarter event party.

"We plan on using a virtual world to make the real world better," Archinaco said.  "And at the Kickstarter event party we will unveil a business model that we think can help make that happen.  These are very exciting times!"

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Voxelnauts is a game that will allow players to craft items, mine, explore, survive, […]

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