Bitcoin Job Payroll Can Stimulate the Adoption Rate

By May 7, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Job Payroll Can Stimulate the Adoption Rate

A recent Accenture report revealed that investments in the financial technology sector are projected to more than double in a five-year period. The report shows that this period started in 2013 where investments over $3 billion have been made while the projection until 2018 shows this increase could possibly go over the $8 billion barrier. The first quarter of 2015 shows Bitcoin companies have been boosted with notable investments growing from $133 million to $229 million with Coinbase and 21inc taking the lead.

With the increase of investments, more employees are needed to satisfy the demands of the digital currency industry. Last week, about 30 companies attended the Bitcoin Job Fair in order to attract the best talents. There were about 350 attendees, and many of the job seekers were interested in being compensated in Bitcoin. BitPay was one of the companies attending. The company has international employees and is seeking both domestic and international talent. The company is also looking to establish partnerships with Payroll companies, presenting them with flexible choices, automation and frictionless solutions at a lower cost.

The biggest payroll companies with automated services are now trying to develop new payroll solutions to cope with this new alignment. Companies such as Zenpayroll and Zenefits haven´t yet integrated Bitcoin, however, we are seeing new entrants such as full-enterprises and simple payroll services such as Incoin already accepting Bitcoin payments to solve central challenges.

Companies such as Incoin and Zuman allow other companies to pay their domestic and international employees in USD and Bitcoin. This lowers their expenses while saving them a lot of time.

It is considered that Bitcoin should also be used to pay for goods and services and even for taxes, and this means that there is still a lot of business opportunity for companies to develop solutions to bypass these kinds of restrictions.

By introducing digital currency as one of their options, these companies are helping Bitcoin adoption by allowing employees to earn Bitcoin and this way stimulating the digital currency market.

It is becoming increasingly important to expand real adoption of the digital currency, since allowing and providing real markets for consumers to spend their Bitcoins, can stimulate the adoption rate.

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