Ninki – Manage Your Payment Network

By May 15, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Ninki – Manage Your Payment Network

Ninki Wallet is a new standard in Bitcoin wallet technology. Ninki introduces a new technology with a highly secure, user-friendly wallet that allows users to build their own payment network with their friends, clients and customers. The product is designed for both private and corporate use and introduces a new standard that gives users a complete view of their finances.

The wallet has a very simple and effective user interface and together with the designed Mobile Apps, Ninki developed a new solution that makes spending Bitcoin a whole lot easier.

Absolute Wallet Security

The company tries to take security to a new level. Bitcoins are secured using multi-signature technology. There are three keys, two controlled by the user and one by Ninki. Two out of three signatures are required to authorize a transaction. Ninki avoids ensures  the security of the users funds by not keeping their keys in the company’s database. This new technology provides the highest level of security; users can secure their Bitcoin with Multi-signature technology and two-factor authentication. Ninki allows users to have control of their private keys, meaning they have complete control of their funds.

Manage your Payment Network

With Ninki wallet technology users can build their own payment network. Ninki sets everything in one place: the user Bitcoin balance, the user transactions, other users in their network and a lot of other useful information are all joined together in a nice and user-friendly interface.

Users can easily create contacts to make transactions quicker and easier: Creating contacts helps to make transactions quicker and easier. Contacts can generate addresses on your behalf so users never have to exchange Bitcoin addresses or scan QR codes again. The wallet also allows users to keep track of their transactions and invoices using Ninki tool-set. This tool allows users to create invoices for their contacts and track their status, and get notified when their contacts send them funds.

The Ninki developers tried to keep things simple by managing the complexities of key management and the Bitcoin protocol, to design a user-friendly interface that allows users to have a holistic view of their transactions.

The wallet has a very simple and effective user interface and together with the designed […]

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