Regional Russian Court Lifts ban on the Bitcoin Websites

By May 15, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Regional Russian Court Lifts ban on the Bitcoin Websites
The Russian language website reports that the Sverdlovsk Regional Court on appeal to invalidate the decision of the City Court Nevyansk has decided that the ban on the Bitcoin websites is illegal. The court held that blocking sites with information about cryptocurrency and recognition that information gap in the Russian Federation is wrong, the ban should be lifted.

Nonetheless, the court recalled that from 13th January this year Roskomnadzor blocked access to seven sites on the basis of the decision of the City Court Nevyansk. It was claimed that these websites contained information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation.

Bitcoin is not illegal in Russia

However, now that the regional Russian court has overturned the decision the whole Bitcoin community in the country is feeling relieved. The court observed that Nevyansk had acted improperly by blocking the websites and as a result of the decision, educational and commercial websites including, and is wrong.

Hearing the appeals from various Bitcoin websites, the regional court ordered that these websites will now be publicly accessible for the users. Nonetheless, representatives of the affected websites argued that there are no current laws that prohibit the release of information related to Bitcoin or digital currency; therefore, the ban was illegal.

Interestingly, the ban on these websites was challenged by the stakeholders as Bitcoin is not illegal in Russia. The latest judgment from the regional court in Russia is an imposition of the fact that there is no law that prohibits websites from educating people about Bitcoin. Though the stand of the website was challenged by the government counsel, it did not work.

The Full Text of the Judgment not yet Available

The regional court gave much attention to the arguments from representatives of resources and, and It observed that the lock on the resource cryptocurrency in January 2015 was illegal. Though full text of the court decision is not available for now, it is expected to be delivered in the next five or so days.

A lot of information about the judgment has come from an audio recording of the hearing. Nonetheless, in essence the cancellation of the decision about what information cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited.

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