Max Keiser raises more than $1 million on the crowd investment platform

By June 9, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Max Keiser raises more than $1 million on the crowd investment platform
Every time Max Keiser tweeted about his intentions to raise one million dollars for his Bitcoin investment fund

Bitcoin Capital, he seemed close to it. It never appeared if it was a difficult job for, the Russia Today’s most popular anchor. Now, it has come to public that he has raised more than $1 million on the equity crowdfunding platform Bnk To The Future.

Nearly 600 investors have bought in the fund so far. There are three more days left for the end of the fundraiser. Max Keiser informs that fifty percent equity will be split between the investors. Though Bitcoin Capital is a high risk high return fund managed by StarCoin CEO Max Keiser and Simon Dixon, CEO of ‘BNK to the future’ is receiving popular support.

It is the trust that investors have over Max Keiser that has gained over the decades that make them invest their money to the Bitcoin Capital. According to some investors Max Keiser has a consistent record of presciently and profitably identifying big trends. For instance, he was one of the few media personalities to devote significant coverage to us early Bitcoin evangelists.

However, they are keeping their fingers crossed as they wait how the new fund performs. Though Bitcoin Capital is a Cayman Islands tax efficient investment fund for professional investors who want exposure to the growth of Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, it is extremely risky for average investors.

Sound Investment Strategy for Higher Returns

The Bitcoin Capital website says that one-third of the fund invests in companies in the Crypto Currency and Blockchain sector. It further informs that for earlier stage startups it has created a completely new model for finding deals to invest in. It makes clear when it says:

The startup must first raise finance through CrowdFunding on, qualify for Equity CrowdFunding on and reach at least 50% of their funding goal from investors before they qualify for Bitcoin Capital to explore investing. They have to prove their traction with the crowd before we explore the Investment proposition.

Max Keiser is a big advocate of cryptocurrency who has publically admitted it while bashing fiat and capitalist economy on his shows on Russia Today. His website informs that the collected amount will be invested in longer term growth coins where we believe in the story rather than short term coin speculation.

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Nearly 600 investors have bought in the fund so far. […]

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