Bitcoin advertising network BitMedia.IO Raises $100 000

By June 15, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin advertising network BitMedia.IO Raises $100 000

In a press release, the London based Bitcoin advertising network BitMedia.IO says that it has received $100 000 investment from the CEO of BitMedia.IO and a private angel investor. The company was co-founded by former executive officer of CEX.IO Matvey Dyadkov in 2014 and since then it has been receiving support from various quarters.

According to the people running the company it was created to not only fill the need for a professional advertising service in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but also to expand the Bitcoin community and become its integral part. In fact, they even admit that the project was made possible owing to the funds it received from BitMedia.IO’ CEO.

The Advertising Engine has been coded from Scratch

The company informs that its advertising engine has been coded from scratch and the team has extensive experience in working with Big-Data and High-Load technologies. Additionally, as they have applied their knowledge to build an unparalleled Bitcoin advertising network and continually optimize algorithms as much as possible, they accept to receive new clients.

Nonetheless, as the company has received $100 000 investment, it aims to further experiment with the new technologies that can help it provide better advertising for clients. It believes that the cutting edge of Bitcoin advertising with many plans to expand in the future can only be funded with the new investments coming on the way.

Needless to say the company’s mission is to provide Bitcoin users with up to date information regarding new services and facilities, committed to the growth of Bitcoin as a fundamentally disruptive technology. In fact, BitMedia.IO’s experienced team has many plans for the future. One of them is to enter the RTB market.

Will Take Bitcoin to the People Who Don’t Understand It

Admittedly, the company also believes that as it is working on the software that will enable them to exchange traffic with other ad agencies, it will be able to deliver better services than the ones that are available now. Also, the tech focused team is exploring disruptive options like decentralized traffic exchange systems, with more details to come soon.

The press release from the company conveys that the team strongly believes that the main factors holding Bitcoin back is that it is unknown, and misunderstood by many people. However, through developing a custom built, cutting edge professional Bitcoin advertising network BitMedia can change the entire gamut.

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According to the people running the company it was created to not only fill the need for a professional advertising service […]

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