Bitcoin Company Harborly Enters US Markets

By June 18, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Company Harborly Enters US Markets

Bitcoin retail company Harborly recently announced to expand into the United States, one of the world’s highly emerging digital currency markets.


The Texan company, which is already operational in Canada, further discussed its future plans to attract the US customers, saying that it will be bringing in some new features to their platform, in addition to its Bitcoin purchase and selling services. One of these features, as Harborly added, is a Bitcoin value locking service, titled “Locked Wallets”. Excerpt:

“Locked Wallets give users the ability to lock the price of their Bitcoin to various fiat currencies, including U.S. Dollars. While some of our users look to actively trade Bitcoin and profit from price fluctuations, our Locked Wallets are intended to cater to those who simply want to buy, accept and/or use Bitcoin without worrying about volatility.”

As it looks, the new feature is likely to attract companies, freelancers and all sort of users who wish to use Bitcoin only as a mean to store value. Using Harborly’s Locked Wallets feature, they would be able to sideline the volatility risks of Bitcoin. Harborly meanwhile is expecting to be the first US Bitcoin company that offers Bitcoin trading and value-locking services under the same umbrella.

“We are currently on-boarding customers based in California and Texas and plans to roll out [our] services to other states in the coming months,” the company added.

A US-India Remittence Corridor in Pipeline

In addition to Locked Wallets, Harborly is further planning to address the growing remittence solutions need between India and the US. The company has therefore setup a special team in the South Asian country that is currently working on creating a platform that could address the said requirements.

“A large unbanked population in India and heavy inflow of remittances into India from various countries, including the U.S., make India a logical market for a Bitcoin-based remittance solution,” said Harborly while recognize the nation’s sizable potential. The company’s immediate goals however is to open a viable platforms for Indians to buy and sell Bitcoins at the most competitive rates.

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