Bitcoin Platform BlockTrail Launches Developer Platform

By June 19, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Platform BlockTrail Launches Developer Platform

Bitcoin API platform focused on developers and enterprises, BlockTrail has launched a Developer Platform, the company announced in a blog recently. The Developer Platform is a box-set of all the tools, including Blockchain Data API, Wallet API, Webhooks and Web Wallet, required to integrate developer apps with the Bitcoin capabilities.

The launch comes roughly a couple of weeks after the API developer acquired SendChat.

The company’s blog post said,

Our goal is to encourage the Bitcoin economy by providing a secure, reliable and fast way to build and transact with Bitcoin. By breaking down the technical barriers of entry, BlockTrail is helping to grow Bitcoin’s presence in world commerce.

The Multi-Purpose Developer Platform

BlockTrail’s Developer Platform will also enable the user to perform functions otherwise possible with a Bitcoin core client. These include:

  • Send & Receive Bitcoin
  • Set up a Bitcoin Exchange
  • Build an ATM Network
  • Create a Wallet Service
  • Make a Mobile Wallet
  • Set up a Trading Platform
  • Build a Remittances Platform
  • Enable Merchant Payments

Introduction of Multi-Signature and HD Wallets

BlockTrail has added Multi-Signature capability and HD Wallets to provide the best security available.

Multi-Signature: BlockTrail transactions require 2-of-3 keys to authorize a transaction. The company will own 1 key while the user will control the other two. This eliminates the risk of unwanted suspicious transactions while never giving BlockTrail access to users’ Bitcoins.

HD Wallet: The HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet creates a new address for each transaction. This not only increases privacy by using a sterile address free of historical transaction data, but also allows for an infinite amount of addresses to be generated in an automated way, without ever requiring additional back-ups to be made.

Anybody interested in gaining more information about the latest launch can check out the API Documentation or contact the BlockTrail support team at

The launch comes roughly a couple of weeks after the API developer acquired SendChat .

The company’s blog post said,“ Our goal is to encourage […]

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