The 2nd National Bitcoin Congress to be Held on 24th June at ING Headquarters

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The 2nd National Bitcoin Congress to be Held on 24th June at ING Headquarters

The Second National Bitcoin Congress is going to be held on 24th June at the ING Headquarters. According to the organizers ING is a hosting partner of the event. The first congress in 2014 was quite a successful event that was focusing on the Bitcoin currency and payment system, the endless speculation and the basic question of what it should or can do.

However, this year’s National Bitcoin Congress will focus on the Chain Block, the underlying technology. Additionally, this year there will be a live stream available, made possible by KPMG. The organizers are claiming that the National Congress Bitcoin is created and tailored to the forefront of Dutch companies and (semi) governmental institutions in Bitcoin technology.

Nonetheless, the top speakers will share their knowledge and views on the latest developments and the impact that Bitcoin has on business and society, now and in the future. The organizers of the event claim that the conference brings together the traditional players with innovators, innovators and disruptors.

According to them the event is going to offer a constructive critical eye on Bitcoin, “crypto-currency” and the Block Chain as new technology with practical tools for both strategic and practical discussions on innovation of services and products in the financial and government sectors.

Vincent Evers and Rutger van Zuidam are the two persons who are taking care of the conference at the ING Headquarters. The official portal in Dutch language says that with the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin anyone in the world trade with each other without involvement of traditional third parties such as banks, notaries, accountants and governments.

Praising the role of cryptocurrencies the official portal claims that trade is a fundamental pillar of the economy and society where traditional trusted parties play a crucial role. However, the technology behind Bitcoin that makes this possible, the blockchain ensures that the essential functions of the “trusted third party”, also called “trusted third party” are fully automated via the Internet.

Moreover, as Bitcoin technology is so freely available, accessible and programmable like the Internet itself it can be revolutionary solution. The organization cites the Bank of England’s view on Bitcoin technology that says that it is as relevant and revolutionary as the advent of the Internet.

Brunon Bartkiewicz, ING Bank’s Chief Innovation Officer says:

For ING, innovation is at the core of our DNA and embedded in our strategy. The exploration of the innovative potential of blockchain technology for our clients and our services comes natural for us. Block chain technology is an exciting part of the evolution in banking on the back of technological progress and possibly very suitableness for improvements in our client and service delivery across the bank.

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However, this year’s National Bitcoin Congress will focus on the Chain […]

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